A house for the dolls

Finally, I get to tell you this story!  I had to WAIT until the package I mailed to AFRICA finally arrived and my grandkids were able to open their gifts. They got their Christmas gifts on Saturday, Jan 10th, so now I can share this FUN project.

Do you remember me telling you about making MODA FLATS DOLLS ??  I wrote about them here: https://stitchinggrandma.wordpress.com/2014/12/04/grandma-has-been-busy/

Well; I found a pattern through Angela Yostens blog for a house for those dolls.  Angela designed the FLATS dolls for Moda Fabric.


I had all the necessary supplies and it took me a couple of sewing sessions, but the dolls now have a play house/carrier.  If you make this pattern, order Annies Soft & Stable.  Between the dolls and the house I used almost 2 packages.

House for the dolls

House for the dolls  .  This is the inside of the house.

I decided to decorate with 1930’s reproduction fabrics for the walls and the floors; and make a map rug.  I used my Janome 8900 machine to stitch little cars and trains on the railroads and roads on the map and even put a few sailboats in the water that shows on the rug.  I got some great donated scraps and found those wonderful superman images, so thought the art on the wall should be “FUN”.

Building the panels of the walls was done by using a product called SOFT & STABLE between the layers. It gives it BODY to stand up, the same way the dolls stood up.   I used 1 sheet of template plastic in the handles to stiffen them up. (I goofed and only used it in 1 handle…but I think it will still be ok!)

Back yard needed trees

Back yard needed trees

The back of the house was not embellished, so I free handed some trees out of scraps I had around the sewing room. I used my pinking blade to cut the tree trunk and leaves  out to give them a little ruggedness.

Trying to follow the pattern exactly; I did the topiaries and the flower boxes with fun scraps from my friend Cindy (It was her superman fabric too!) Came across almost all the bits in this front door panel from the scraps she gave me, including that great compass for the arched window.

The front of the house

The front of the house


The living room panel

The living room panel

The red and black is to depict a sofa.  Contrasting black fabric is the “arms” of the couch.  The main part of the couch (stars) are scraps from my grandson’s SUPER HERO cape I made 2 summers ago. I  wonder if he will recognize it.  (No comments on the state of my work surface, I was BUSY crafting…and staying hydrated with two bottles of water apparently) (Now you know why I had a major clean up project)

Often projects must be inspected and tested, and this one passed the Smokey cat examination.  He thought he was getting a new napping place I think!  Kitty approved playhouse!

If you decide to download the free pattern and make it, I strongly recommend hand finishing all the binding.  I had to do some serious ripping of stitching when I tried to fold it over and machine down. I just could not get a good turn on the binding.  If you want to machine it on, make it 1/2″ wider.  I ripped out 90% of the machine stitching on the binding and hand sewed it.  Otherwise this was just a fun fun project to make.

I don’t often get to surprise my daughter when I am working on gifts for the grandkids, because I share my progress here on the blog.  I decided to “hold back” and not tell her about the doll house! Thus the blackout on the blog!  I sent the presents in Pillow case packaging. I found some fun PIRATE MAP fabric for my grand son, and the cutest Eiffel Tower & rainbow fabric for the girls.  I’ve heard they enjoy getting the pillowcases and now they have a big variety to choose from.

I did a little embroidery work on my Brother machine on some great cotten towels I found in the craft department.  wpid-20141217_100426.jpg


Had to "personalize" the towels

Had to “personalize” the towels

These cotton towels, made in India were 100% cotton. I picked them because of the hanging loop they have. Figured that was handy!    I had to add my own little tag to them.  These tags came from my mother’s sewing things, and my sister Liz saved them for me to use. I thought that was very special.

This was my first try at towels and they stitched out rather nicely.

Fun projects to make all around and so glad they got to open their packages!

Happy stitching…more updates on my mystery quilt tomorrow….tooo busy today!


9 thoughts on “A house for the dolls

    • Thanks Judy. I’m telling you the minute I saw Angela’s doll panel and the house pattern I was HOOKED. I had so much fun. (check wal-mart hobby section for the dish towels. They are really nice, heavy cotton and big. Great price for a 3 pack too) It is fun to share the projects with you Judy! You have great skill too! 🙂


  1. This is simply amazing. What a wonderful gift. I also had the idea to insert gifts that I was mailing in pillow cases this year. Some extra protection for the gifts and a pillow case to use rather than throw-away paper.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lillian- the first time I used pillow cases for gift wrap for the kids was last year and they were a little mystified to start with. Mommy explained after the untied them and they were happy. So many fun fabrics available t o use. Thanks for stopping by to read & comment.


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