200th blog post and Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt progress

Wow; this is my 200th blog post!!  I have been blogging a little more than 2 years, starting back in the fall of 2012.  Yesterday I did a “2014 recap”  and today another milestone!

I decided to give an update to my Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt as my 200th post !

Today is LINK UP day with Bonnie Hunter on her blog.  I watched her Quilt Cam yesterday and she reminded us to “link up” our blogs.  I had fun sewing along while she sewed and chatted.

Previously,  I wrote in detail about the Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt (Bonnie Hunter –  http://quiltville.blogspot.com/p/grand-illusion-mystery.html

As a reminder; you can go to Bonnie Hunter’s blog and download the Grand Illusion Mystery quilt for free for a limited time.

I’ve written a few posts about the Grand Illusion, and you can check back on my blog for those.  The last report, I was just finishing clue 2 and starting clue 3.

Today’s report –Clue 3 is complete!  Needed 120 units; and I made about 136…so I can play with the blocks as they get put into the quilt. I worked on Friday and Saturday to finish up Clue 3.

I had lots of time to sew this weekend, and am well underway on clue 4 !!  Of course; not without some “Miss Fitts” as my fellow blogger would call them.  (I’ve accumulated a few mistakes in a box!).  Sometimes I find myself trying to “multi-task” so I fail to READ the directions completely!  Or, I am busy watching something on the computer or listening to an audio book and just not paying attention!

For example – I thought I would be smart and while I was cutting 2.5″ squares for clue 4, I would cut the squares for clue 5. (I was doing this to avoid making half square triangles for the last step of clue 4. )

Then, I ignore the printer ink warnings….I replaced those darn color cartridges in August, but I have used them like crazy. So; when you don’t replace the ink….you get those MISS FITTS….I ended up with a stack of neutral 2.5″ squares joined to yellow.!  WRONG!!  As you can see in the instructions below…..the photo on the right is correct with the turquoise.  The photo on the LEFT is WRONG….Did you know that  turquoise is neutral when there is NO blue ink! Ooops….into the MISS FITTS box…..at least I didn’t sew them into 4 patches yet….

Left pix is with no blue ink in the printer!

Left pix is with no blue ink in the printer! CLUE 5……ooops


Not WHINING….just reporting the error of my ways, so you may not suffer the same mistakes in judgement! 

Back to the clues…..

Working on clue 4, what was cool  is the “reserved” 80 half square triangles reserved from Clue 1 are used. I have them all “joined” to their partners.  That went quickly! I only had the first two turned “wrong”; but once I figured out the turquoise had to LEAD; the chained pieced very quickly.

This morning I decided to work on the turquoise and neutral half-square triangles. Only some of the  neutrals were new fabrics from fat quarters. Those polka-dots are left over 2.5″ strips from the scrap boxes.  The turquoise prints were left over from my scrap storage boxes too. Fun to look at those fabrics and remember where they are from. If you are a long time reader; you might recognize the fish from the one-block wonder quilt and the sprinkles from my cupcake 9 patch. I used the easy-angle ruler for cutting those triangles from strips. They are stacked here in groups of five; ready to sew after breakfast. I didn’t use the easy-angle on Clue 1, and I have to ADMIT…it is a VERY fast way to cut so many.  I have stitched a few, and thing that as long as I lead with the blunt end, it will work well.  I am thinking I will change my needle plate to the single hole plate, so I don’t have any fabric chewing while I chain these together.  I may grow used to this way of making half square triangles

There are about 85 half-square triangles in neutral and blue to sew for clue 4. Need 80; but I got carried away cutting.  I figured I might want to pick & choose as I put them together with those other pieces.

There are about 85 half-square triangles in neutral and blue to sew for clue 4. Need 80; but I got carried away!

So; a few pieces are cut for clue 5, but not many; and I must remind myself to read thoroughly!!

(AND finish 4 before starting 5~!~) (And….turn off the audio book while trying to read the instructions!)

Heck, I may catch up before clue 6 comes out on Friday!! Feel like I had great progress this weekend!

Clues 1 - 2 - 3

Clues 1 – 2 – 3

There is hope!!! (And that mending of a dog bed my daughter asked me to do might get done too…..)

Happy Stitching; and Merry Christmas on this 5th day of Christmas.

Feeling blessed that my granddaughter is recovering once again, is out of the hospital and is back home with her family. Her big brother and sister made sure she had a happy Christmas morning on Sunday, her first day home.

I hope you are feeling the blessings of Jesus Christ during this season of Christmas.

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