Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt progress….or lack of

I started working on the Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt the day after Thanksgiving. Bonnie Hunter – is giving a “clue” every Friday.

Even if you aren’t ready to “start” the Mystery Quilt, you might find it fun to follow along on Bonnie’s blog.  These instructions will only be on the blog for a limited period of time, so download them as they post; or you may have to wait until they are published in a book in the future. (Typical mystery quilt posts are left “live on the blog” for several months; and she warns on the blog to hurry and print your copy). Last year’s mystery, Celtic Solstice was taken off the blog around June 1st, for future publication in one of Bonnies books.  I think I read some discussion about this one coming down in the spring, so snag your directions, even if you aren’t ready to work on it.

I am using Bonnie’s recommend colors for the quilt.

First clue had us make 280 half-square triangles for Unit 1.

These were joined with 2.5″ black and yellow squares to make into 100 4-patches.  80 of the half-square triangles were set aside for later.

Clue 1 Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt

Clue 1 Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt

The next clue, on December 5th, had us making Double Diamond Units.

ONE Double Diamond Unit complete...

ONE Double Diamond Unit complete…

We need 100 double diamond units.  Bonnie gave detailed directions (REALLY DETAILED!!) on this clue for 3 different methods to make these units. I chose method 3, and got started cutting all my units. Then disaster struck and I got sick.  I spent almost 2 weeks under the weather with a horrible cold and sinus infection and just now started to feel human again.  So; my Clue 2 is sitting in nice little baskets on the ironing board, waiting for me to get busy.

But I couldn’t start until I finished the last part of the Grandkids “fabric paper dolls” project and get in the mail.  I finished on Monday night; and spent yesterday getting things wrapped up; and in the box for the mail all day yesterday. I looked at the calendar and realise that the package is going to be LATE.  Dang the cold. I feel terrible that my little grands won’t have it on Christmas morning.  But, “IT” happens and I hope that the box arrives on time.  NO PICTURES of the rest of the gift-making until after they get the box, as their mommy reads my blog and I like her to have a surprise now and then. So; if you follow me on Facebook, you may have seen the final item….but if you don’t well…you have to wait for photo’s in January on the blog!

I have a couple of other Christmas items to get underway STARTED& FINSIHED this week, but MUST clean up the sewing room first.  I have stuff EVERYWHERE…..

Meanwhile back to the clues….last Friday (Dec 12), Bonnie Hunter release Clue 3; which is 120 units of “two by four” squares.  No picture from me yet, because I haven’t even gotten to this point, but the units are done with strip sets into what looks like double 4 patches; with special care given to the color placement.   Go take a peak at the clue if your curious  –

No chance of my being caught up before Clue 4 is released this Friday; but I will continue to download my instructions and follow the progress of other quilters on Facebook. There is a huge group of followers (over 24,000) on Facebook, Quiltville’s Open Studio group.   I need to do a little work around the house, and maybe get a Christmas decoration or 2 put up to add some cheer BEFORE Christmas arrives and perhaps get the hubby a Christmas gift!

Happy sewing, and I am off to do a little “domestic goddess” work before the health department tacks a notice on the front door!



8 thoughts on “Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt progress….or lack of

  1. Glad you are feeling better. I’m working as fast as I can to finish up eight placemats and a table topper. Hope they’re done by Christmas Eve. LOL You are one busy woman, but you always seem to get it all done – applause here. Your grandkids will be thrilled whenever the package arrives. 🙂


  2. What a shame you have been unwell at such a busy time. The blocks you have so far for Grand Illusion are looking great. After a lovely Christmas it won’t take long to catch up, especially as Part 4 is just like Part 1.


    • Thanks for stopping in to read. I must get busy!! I am still working clue 2; but did take time last Friday to look at Clue 3 & 4; and pull some more neutrals out of my “bricks” and “Strips” boxes. Looking for more variety than I had, and I think I found it. Meanwhile; clue two is pinned into double diamonds and ready to sew today; once I get some housecleaning finished (started……)


  3. Sorry you were fun in that…Something has been going around here too..your fabrics are pretty..and you are doing very well….I’m quilting free hand baptist fans on my Split 9 Patch…Merry Christmas!


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