The secret is revealed!

My secret project has been delivered!! So now I can share it with you!  It started in September when my quilting sister-in-law Carolyn contacted me and asked if I would want to work on a project with her.

We selected a color; photographed fabrics and had great discussions back and forth on patterns etc. She mailed me strips; I mailed her strips; we each built blocks!  It was great fun. Back and forth in the mail!

I had the honor of “putting all the blocks together”; and mailed them back to her for borders, backing and quilting & binding. She got the longarming done on her new machine and ensured safe delivery!

So; enjoy the process

We selected our fabrics

We built our blocks

and now the project is delivered to our sister Cathi!
We certainly surprised her!  When she visited me in November, I gave her the pillows.  (I told her they were leftover blocks from her Great Granddaughters quilt).  Truth is; I had so many strips cut, I was able to make the great granddaught a quilt to match.  She got to see that quilt BEFORE she even knew about her own!  Tricky me…….I bet she wondered why I gave her those pillows…..

Happy stitching!


13 thoughts on “The secret is revealed!

  1. Awwww – what a sweet gesture. I love it when quilting friends bless each other, but in some ways, it’s even better to have quilters within the same family to share the love!!!! That’s a most beautiful quilt.

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  2. Thanks for stopping in Lillian. The pattern and the quilt bother were my sister-in-law’s inspiration. She has been quilting much longer than me, and I had fun sharing in the project. Had to really keep a secret and that was HARD !!


  3. First…the quilt is beautiful. I hope to be that talented one day. Second…I am fairly new to the quilting world and am now working on my second quilt. My first one turned out okay but I hadnt yet taken a class and learned the proper way to hand stitch so you can see the knots. Anyway, I am working on a quilt for my niece for Xmas and I was hoping you could answer a simple question for me. How washable are those marking pencils?? Do they wash out completely? I used a blue one on white fabric and I am starting to worry that is has been on the fabric too long. Since I am not finished with it yet, I cant wash it.


    • Hi Lisa. Thanks for popping in and reading my blog. Congratulations on your 2nd quilt. Love to see it when finished!
      About the blue marking pencils…..I would go by the manufacturers recommended removal instructions. Some “wash out”; some “iron off”, so it is difficult to say. If it is pencil; you might also try a “gum eraser” from the art/school supply area. I have one blue one that “disappears” after a period of time by the air; and I have heard of others that “show back up” when they get very cold. (Unless your quilt is going to be in the car or the freezer I wouldn’t worry about that too much. ) I have used mostly POUNCE powder & stencils and the silver pencils with great luck.
      I would say that once your quilt is finished; binding & label on, you want to wash it on “handwash or delicate” cycle; with a very tiny amount of detergent (Like ALL FREE & CLEAR) and several color catchers (3 or 4 if you didn’t prewash your fabrics; 1 or 2 if you prewashed). I would throw a small amount of oxy-clean in for added insurance to get the blue out. If it were to run into your white fabrics, the oxy-clean would help get it out. I always “double rinse” when I wash the quilt, nothing else in the machine, a front loader if possible. The last thing in the world you want is your quilt being TWISTED and pulled by an agitator. As I said; HANDWASH OR DELICATE CYCLE. (It has happened to me and I was devestated!). I would tumble dry on low setting. I always share washing instructions with my quilts. Mostly I recommend the quilt be “AIRED” frequently. If a bed quilt, I hang mine on the banister the day I change the sheets all day. In the spring or summer, I put it out on the porch rail in the shade to air; or on a clean sheet on the DRY lawn in the shade for a few hours. Don’t HANG a wet quilt on the clothesline; too heavy and will pull your seams.
      Gosh; I hope you find this useful. Best wishes with your gift.


  4. I dont have a blog this is only my second quilt in, I am embarrassed to say, 8 years. LOL I will definitely send you a picture though. I would love to get your opiniion on it.


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