Grandma has been busy!

Last post a month ago, but the time has flown by!  My big sister from California came to visit for a nice long weekend, and we got to celebrate her birthday together.  I sent her home with 3 LOG CABIN pillows that match the quilt I am making for her GREAT granddaughter.  I saved 1 pillow to go with the quilt.  Now, sadly; that quilt is still a work in progress; 8 of the blocks quilted; then set aside for other projects!

Twin Sized Log Cabin quilt top - Barn raising pattern Oct 2014

Twin Sized Log Cabin quilt top – Barn raising pattern Oct 2014



My twin sized log cabin project

My twin sized log cabin project

You know how it goes when you get busy! I was prewashing all my fabric for the Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt; then it needed to be ironed; and stacked up and ready!  Last Friday Clue # 1 was released!  So;  280 half-square triangles; and 100 blocks have been made. All but 80 of the HST made it into the blocks. Tomorrow is a new clue.

100 blocks for step 1

100 blocks for step 1

100 blocks are ready

100 blocks are ready

In between all of this, I decided to pursue and find Moda Flats Doll panels. They released last spring and I could never find them in the local stores or on line. I was really drawn to them; thinking what a fun thing to make for the grandkids. I watched a You-Tube video and was HOOKED. So, the frantic Grandma pursuit began! And I scored big time. I found them at a fabric shop in central Indiana; and got 6 panels. Once I had them in my hand I realized I could really do this without all 6 panels. Each panel made 2 dolls; and came with multiple hair combinations. I ended up selling 5 of the panels to my friends.(I could not hoard them, they are so much fun!)

Moda Flats Doll design by Angela Yolston

Moda Flats Doll design by Angela Yolston

I have been having a grand time making “fabric” paper dolls for the grandkids. Each one is better than the last. I have made some clothing “on my own” and other outfits by using .jpg images and sizing them to fit; then printing on fabric. I have enjoyed the creation of these dolls and I hope the grandkids like them as much as all the grandma’s I have shown them to.

Having SEW much fun!!


6 thoughts on “Grandma has been busy!

    • Thanks for stopping in to read & comment. Log cabin blocks are fun to make. They go together very quickly when you run an assembly line. I use little baskets to keep the different lengths of pieces seperated; and just have fun pulling a random strip out of the basket to zip it on. Thanks for the compliments.


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  2. Would you happen to know or could provide the name of the quilt shop where you found the moda flat doll panels? I’m new to making girl stuff, have always made boys stuff.


    • Hi – I bought it on-line from Erica’s Crafts & Sewing Center ( ) , but I got the last 6 panels she had. Moda only printed this one time and I was searching for over a year. If you are searching fabric websites; search in the PANELS section. You may trip over one. The doll house pattern was free and could be used for any type of dolls.


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