Quilt that honors

I have seen some lovely quilts this year, honoring the service of US Military men and women. On this day in America, we honor our Veterans. Many have been honored with Quilts of Valor, a program that started here in Delaware, making quilts to give to families of fallen service men and women.
Three of the quilts below were seen at quilt shows; one is my own. There are many ways to honor the service to our country, and this is my way. Thank you from the heart of America.


Air Force

This US Air Force quilt was seen at the Quilters Unlimited Show, 2014. Made by DeAnna McMurry of Springfield.   I would LOVE to get the pattern!!!

24 June 2014 266


Honoring a US Navy serviceman. Spotted at AQS Lancaster PA March 2014

Honoring a US Navy serviceman. Spotted at AQS Lancaster PA March 2014


Spotted at the Mid Atlantic Quilt show. Honoring all the family members who had served.

Spotted at the Mid Atlantic Quilt show. Honoring all the family members who had served.

I really liked this quilt; telling the story of so many family members. Below is the sign associated with the quilt from the show.
galaxy apr 5 2014 261

And lastly – this is my effort to honor a fallen US Air Force airman. I made this last year for his little boy as a tribute to his daddy:

Not show quilt, but one I made to honor a fallen service man.

Not show quilt, but one I made to honor a fallen service man.


16 thoughts on “Quilt that honors

    • Faith, Thank you. Sometimes when there is a death, you don’t know what to do. My friend asked me to make this quilt, and I think it helped her to heal in her grief. It was important to all of us to express the love this little boy’s daddy had for the US Air Force, and to have something to carry forward in his life.


  1. I love the Air Force quilt. Could you direct me to that pattern? Thanks so much. It would be perfect for a quilt for an Air Force pilot I know. Have a blessed day!!!

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    • The first couple on the post were quilts at a quilt show. I don’t know the maker or the pattern info. Sorry, I wish I could tell you. Probably somewhere out there on the internet. Might take some googling around or find somebody to put it in EQ7.


  2. I have never made a quild in my life. However I am a Gold Star Mom, and I wanted to make a quilt in memory of my son. I have an old baby pillow gifted to me with his date of birth, and wanted to put that “square” in the middle. I have been looking at these quilts, and don’t see anything like that. Any ideas for me?

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    • Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. I think you have the beginning of a wonderful quilt. I would encourage you to get in touch with a local quilt guild or local quilt shop and look for some “hands on” help. I started with a small group at church, so there is another place to “look for quilters”. I think you would want to learn by working with someone or taking a class. There are lots of learning videos on You-tube, and my favorite is the “Gourmet Quilter” who has about 200 videos, and she teaches the “basics”. (https://youtu.be/Ju-8ZdcmC8s and just start watching)(I learned a LOT from her) If you are familiar with Pinterest, you might search for memory quilts for ideas. Quilting a special memorial quilt will be a great way to honor your son.
      I am so sorry for your loss.


  3. Hello, my name is Carri, I am an Air Force wife of 23 years. I absolutely LOVE your AF quilt!! You did a BEAUTIFUL job. Would like to know if you know how to get in touch of the lady who made the AF quilt? Thank You

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    • Hi Carri – I shared that photo from a quilt show. It is not my quilt. The show was held at the Dulles Expo Center. At one time I tracked down the maker for someone else, and she explained to me that she drew out the design and paper pieced the entire thing. I don’t have her contact info anymore. I’m sorry. I am in contact with the other person though and sent her a message to see if she has the pattern still and is willing to share. I liked it too, and am thinking about making one “down the road”. If you use EQ7, you could probably import the USAF wing logo and start there. I will let you know if I hear back. 🙂


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