Wow, middle of September

Good Morning from a crisp cool Delaware! I have been absent on the blog for nearly a month, but I have been a little busy.

I took a trip to California in August for 2 1/2 weeks to help my sister get ready for a move.  She was moving from a large 3 bedroom into a small 2 bedroom, and I thought I would be helpful and get things painted cheerfully while she cared for her husband.  I was glad to be there for his last days and help my big sis’ as she went through the struggle of those days and the move. She did it for me years ago, and it was the least I could do.

We got her future home painted in bright colors that helped her ease into the transition time in her life. We took a 1979 wood paneled mobile home and gave it a fresh new look. The process was labor intensive I must say. Every wall needed washed with TSP, then sanded, then washed down with clear water, then tack clothed; then taped off, 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of finish paint. She worked on the built in buffet, her step son did the washing and sanding and taping in the living room and cabinet door painting. Another sister came and helped scrub all the hardware and cabinet drawers and doors to ready them for painting.  I did the 2 bedrooms, the hall, the bath, the kitchen and the living room. Pictures really tell the whole story. It was fun to work around the contractor who was installing a new beautiful shower, and the air conditioning fellas who disconnected everything for almost a week…when the temperatures were between 95 – 100 degress.  I told my sister, I work for beer and fritos and fast food, and she delivered with regularity.  I think I was at the local Ace Hardware store nearly every day picking up some thing or another.

Let me bore you with the photos:

Before …all brown walls except the kitchen and bath which were a yucky brown/gold color.

So; we started with her master bedroom and painted a lovely light purple –

Then we moved to the living/dining room, where we choose 3 shades of blue; lightest on the wall; medium for the window trim and darkest for the buffet and door. I took the mullions out of the window and painted them a medium blue; removed the gold bubble plexiglass window and replaced it with a double layer of clear.  My sister worked the buffet, doing the inside of the cabinets in the same paint as the walls; the frame in the darker blue and the doors all in the medium blue.  What a lovely contrast compared to that dark brown.   Oh….did you notice in the first group of pictures that square on the wall with the light section?  Seems the previous occupants had stained the paneling….around the mounted mirror….nice…..

I think the biggest change came in the kitchen, which was not on the list to paint, but I could not leave without doing it.  I picked the colors here, a light buttercream yellow and white for the doors.

I missed getting pictures of the office, but it was painted in the palest pink you could imagine, almost a seashell pink.  More white than pink, but soft and lovely and light.  The bathroom I didn’t get a picture of after it was painted either, but I did get one of the tile work.  My sister picked a paint color called “calm” and it was white with a hint of grey!  We painted out the walls and cabinets with that color and it gave a fresh crisp look to the room, and she can accessorize with any color.

So; that’s what I have been up to. It makes me want to pick colors for my dingy old blue living room and freshen it up for the years to come, but I think I will wait until October!  Oh, by the way; all those TV ad’s you see for the GREEN FROG TAPE…well; let me tell you…it is the best stuff ever….I will never use blue painter’s tape again. Worth the extra money!!! Trust me on that, I used 2 rolls of blue and 3 rolls of green, and I am tickled pink.  Also, learned about that paper contractors use on the floors to protect them during a construction project. We got a roll of that at the home center, and used it everywhere.  So much easier to use than drop cloths, durable and absorbant when it came to paint splatters. Doesn’t hold up to water messes, but stiff heavy paper and so much better than those cheap flimsy throwaway plastic backed paper drop cloths. (And a good use for that blue tape that is useless when painting.)

I must say, I feel guilty leaving before all the jobs were finished.  The kitchen cabinet doors were left to hang, the hallway needed it’s final top coat, the 3 doors in the hall were in need of trim paint, and doors rehung. I wanted to paint the kitchen door too.  I flat ran out of time. I spent the last day there hanging mini blinds, curtain rods and curtains and helping get the refrigerator out of the living room and into it’s spot in the kitchen (some construction was required to make room for the giant 21st century fridge in a 20th century home.) I did a little “sewing” adding a rod pocket to the “magic mesh” magnetic screen that was replacing the old aluminum screen door. I left my sister putting post-it-notes on all the unfinished items, but at least we had 2/3 of the boxes unpacked and closet situated etc.  I find myself making mention to her regularly about “where” I put things.  I was unpacking at the new place while she was organizing all the helpers at the old house.

Been home over a week, haven’t done any sewing, as I recover from my travels and the bronchitis I contracted during the trip home. Maybe at the end of the month I will share a little quiting.

Enjoy the cool fall weather!

10 thoughts on “Wow, middle of September

  1. Well done! It certainly brightens up the place. It’s amazing what a little paint can accomplish. I know she appreciated all the work you did and being there for her during a difficult time. Hope you’re feeling better soon.


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