And the winner is….

The chickens have stopped to catch a breath!  Monday Morning has arrived (and past by) and I just got a chance to count up entries and put the total entries into my Random Number Generator.  (My apologies for the boring looking generator…)




So Carla Bynum , send me an email: with your mailing information!!  This lovely Blue Hen Chick is coming your way!

Carla's blue hen chicken!

Delaware Blue Hen Chicken!

So tickled that my Blue Hen chicken will enter the gallery at

And a reminder to the winner – the rules of play are found at

🙂  So, the chick is packed up and ready to mail. She is filled with batting, but could easily have sand, walnut shells or other material placed inside her.

Even if you didn’t win; you can make a chicken for yourself.  They are fun t make and take very little fabric.  I had a lot of fun refreshing my “paper piecing skills” using the log cabin pattern on Granny Maude’s Girl blog:

Thanks for playing and keep sewing and having fun!



8 thoughts on “And the winner is….

  1. HI!!!! I got all excited!!!! I thought a little chick had decided to come to KY!!!! Then I remembered I wasn’t the only carla trying to get one!!!!!! Congrats Carla!!!!


  2. It is a quick project. This one I did starting with 3.5″ log cabin blocks. Finished it is 3″ tall. You could use a 5″ square and get something just a bit bigger. I used buttons for the eyes on the one I am sending to Carla, but for a baby, a French knot is just right. I would recommend using prairie points for the beak and the back, where I used felt. (thinking of the chewing that might take place). Have fun. The links I posted are easy to follow…I managed… 😉


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