The Chicken’s are Running

I have been the recipient of a Funky Chicken!!! (Check out my last post for details). (


Funky Chicken by Anne Rust of Peacock Hill

Funky Chicken arrived in the mail early in the week, and I have been admiring it ever since.  Thank you Anne Rust of Peacock Hill !!!

It joins my Church Chicken, gifted to me by my Church Quilt Buddy Kristin.  Church Chick

My task has been to continue the Chicken Run, by creating an equally lovely chick and sending it out to a reader of this blog, who is chosen at random.  My chickens are to be known as BLUE HEN CHICKENS – the state bird of Delaware!!  You think I’m kidding…no, it’s true….we have a CHICKEN for a state bird.  (Check out the real deal – )  (Hey at least we aren’t doing fish…because you may notice our state fish is the weak fish, and that is just sad!) The official Delaware state bird.

(Borrowed from………………)

Delaware State Bird

Name: Blue Hen Chicken
Binomial Name: Gallus gallus
Adopted: Legislation of 1939

The Blue Hen Chicken (Gallus gallus) is a domesticated bird.

The plumage of the Blue Hen Chicken is gold, red, brown, dark maroon, orange, with a bit of metallic green and gray. There are also some white and olive feathers and two white patches, shaped like an ear, appear on either side of the head. It can be distinguish from other chickens not only by these white patches, but also by the grayish feet. 

So with that vivid description, I got out my golds and yellows and blues and tried to create my OWN version of a Blue Hen Chicken!!!

Paper pieced log cabins

Paper pieced log cabins

I have quite a little flock growing here, looking for a new place to roost!!!

Blue hen Chickens

Blue hen Chickens


So, my friends, if you would like to have one of these nifty little chick’s I have created, you must first agree to continue in the manner in which this chicken run began. You must agree to make one of your own creations and gift it within 30 days.  Can you do that???  You must if you want to play! !

As I said in my previous post

The Chicken Run started in England …by Avis on her “Oh Sew Tempting” blog — check out the gallery of chickens that have been running around the world –

and the original give away –

How praytell should you make a chicken??

Here are a couple of good links for tutorials.

If you would rather Paper piece, which is what I did on all but the very first chick, try the template from Granny Maud’s Girl –

These hens are stuffed with fiberfill, so they can be shipped to other countries……so if you are in England, or the Congo or Japan or Australia…yes, you can also win.  (Normally I stuff with walnut shells….but not this time.).

How do you win a Blue Hen Chicken????  Tell me WHY you need a Blue Hen Chicken on your sewing table!

Just comment before Monday morning, and I will let my random number generator choose 1 recipient.

Good luck!!  (The chick’s are ready to RUN!!!!)





22 thoughts on “The Chicken’s are Running

  1. Hi!! What fun!!!! I love your Blue Hen Chickens!!!! I think I need a little chick to talk to and to help me make decisions while I am sewing!!!! A chick chick here and a chick chick there!!! I need a chick here!!!!! Hee hee!!!!! Thanks for the fun!!!!


  2. I love your Blue Hen Chickens, but sadly am too lazy to enter your contest. I will be watching to see where it goes. Always fun to see what others are doing while I can’t seem to get off the couch except to hang out in the garden.


  3. Such a beautiful chicken-crowd: I would love to welcome the musically “zigzagback Fuzzyhead” in Essen, Germany… we can here singalong & sewalong… and my already made “Big-Martha” chicken is waiting for a friend…


  4. What a great way to spread the love of sewing. The chicks are so cute and fun. I would be happy to receive and pass on the love and joy.


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  6. These look like such fun to make – I’ve never tried one. My sister and I are both into chickens (Japanese chickens for me 😆 ), and I’d love to make one for her – then we’d have twins if I won one! And my friend just gave me a car full of fabric to add to my room full, so there’s plenty of ‘chicken feathers’ available. (Well…not really the whole car – just the trunk.) 😆


  7. I’m not entering as I’ve had my turn, but I love your blue hens! I’ll be checking back to see where one of them lands..


  8. I love the chickens! I first saw one at a pincushion swap a few years ago. Alas, I did not win it. I have survived, barely, but I would enjoy participating in the chickeny goodness. If it is not too late, consider me entered!


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