I love to win

I am always entering contests….most of the time I don’t win…but some times… I do.   No, I didn’t win the APQS Great Long Arm giveaway this week (see very sad face…  😦  )  My quiltbee buddies and I have entered faithfully, and you think one of us would have won….but not.  I’m sure the lovely lady in Ohio is going to enjoy the machine.  Until they give another one away, I will stop annoying my friends on Facebook with my daily entry reminders.  (I even had my sister in Nevada entering, and a former church member now living in Tennessee entering…..and they don’t quilt.  They entered with the hope of winning and giving me the machine…in exchange for a quilt!)

But, I did win something else today!  I won the TEXAS Chicken Run !!

Yes, you heard me right….and here is a peak at the chicken that is flying the coop all the way from Texas to Delaware.


Funky Chicken by Anne Rust of Peacock Hill

But if you want to take a peak at this prize…check out Anne Rust’s blog –


Take a peak at her other chicks – http://peacockhill.blogspot.com/2014/06/the-chicken-run-comes-to-texas_26.html

Have you heard about the “Chicken Run” ?  It started in England …by Avis on her “Oh Sew Tempting” blog — check out the gallery of chickens that have been running around the world – http://ohsewtempting.wordpress.com/chicken-run-gallery/

and the original give away – https://ohsewtempting.wordpress.com/2014/01/11/chicken-run-giveaway-sort-of/

The promise if you win, is to make another and offer it up on your blog and send it on within the month.   So, keep your eyes open for my Chicken Run addition.  And get ready to play.  (I am so tickled to win…I was gifted a lovely little chick in May, and now Funky Chicken is coming to keep her company!)

Want to make one of your own?  Here is a link to a good tutorial:


(book mark that one in case  you win when I give mine away!)

Sew Happy….

11 thoughts on “I love to win

  1. The soon to be two year old would play with this if you need a practice round! She would call it a duck, but hey, close enough!


  2. Congratulations!!! My brother-in-law has suggested I make a bigger hen…that might be fun for a 2 yo to play Duck with (although now that I think of it, my then 2 yo always went for the tiniest things… 🙂 Have fun! (and thanks for the link to my tutorial!!! Sew glad it is helpful!)


  3. Hi Mary, apparently a couple of my emails to you were never lost (?). Anyway, I did receive your latest email (sent to me minutes ago). And yes, the answer is YES! I did reply to you right away… did you get it?


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