What does a quilter do?

When she is not quilting……  It’s summertime, so hanging out in the pool has a high priority.  Hubby has a favorite “Pool Lounge Chair” that has seen better days.  In fact, I don’t think it has been out of the garage in 4 or 5 years. It was pretty rough looking.  After he hosed it off and tossed it in the pool, I declared it was coming right back out.  The fabric of the lounger was disinigrating before our eyes.  The foam that was inserted between the layers of fabric was crumbling and falling out of the holes in the fabric.  Out of the pool it came.  Since the floats and the frame were in great shame, we disassembled and measured it up for new fabric.

Lucky for me, he was headed to his train club meeting and there is HANCOCK Fabrics nearby. Even better, it was Senior Citizen day…so I got 15% off of my purchase.  I found some great coordinating outdoor fabric, for $9.99 /yard (before the discount).  Even better, I found “outdoor” thread. So, between Thursday and today, I recreated the original chair.  Now, he wants to add a pillow……and a float for the feet….he may have to wait for Saturday for further modifications to the original!!  I decided I was not dealing with foam, so I used a full package of twin sized poly batting layered in the chair.  Leave it to a quilter to “secure the batting”.   No, I didn’t really quilt it!! I did secure the batting using the same method the original chair had.  I managed to use a spool & 1/2 of the outdoor thread. That stuff is thick, and I must have wound about 5 or 6 bobbins.  Overall a successful project.  Thankfully I had the orignal to use as a reference.

(It really is the bright orange…don’t know why the one picture washed out so….)

and now….the front side….

wpid-20140704_165151.jpg(no pictures of hubby in the pool…..)  Orange is his favorite color.  I got 3 yards of each fabric, so may get a couple of chair cushions out of the balance….but not before I buy more “outdoor thread” and a couple more heavy duty needles.  This outdoor fabric RAVELS like crazy, so I did a lot of extra stitching.  Hoping between the sun and the pool chemicals, it doesn’t disinigrate anytime soon.  It was a challenge to make and get the pockets in exactly the right spot so it would slip over the rod of the chair and the back of the chair.  Pillows tomorrow.  🙂


8 thoughts on “What does a quilter do?

  1. Good job. I noticed the ‘train club meeting’ comment. What type of trains does your husband like? I ask since my husband also likes trains (model and big) – most vacations we go on we ride at least one train (and I like to quilt / sew, etc, etc).


  2. Thanks for stopping in. My hubby is into HO scale model railroading. The club he belongs to has everything from G scale to Z scale. He enjoys “railfanning” the big trains. I love to take a train ride and usually find a way to plan one on our trips to. I like cabooses, & have managed to find “caboose motels” in different places.


    • Me too…it has sunny and warm colors too!! It was fun to take the nasty old chair and turn it into something useable again. Best part was the sale on the fabric. I have lots of porch cushions that need updating (they won’t be orange); so I am going to be keeping my eyes open for additional deals on outdoor fabric. Trick was a heavy duty needle and outdoor thread. Will make some other cushions out of the left over orange for the poolside chairs.


    • Hi Lillian – Thanks. My hubby never throws anything away, so I figured the only way to deal with this chair was to fix it. Six yards of fabric later, and a few modifications SINCE the blog post, and he is happy. I had to add a pillow at the top, and a one for the feet. I made a pillow and put a piece of solid plastic foam inside and then stitched it to the bottom on the back. It keeps the end of the lounger floating, a place for your feet to sit.
      The pillow I made for the top slipped over the frame and the top of the lounge cushion. He has to remember to put it up on it’s side to “drain and dry”. Apparently the original was filled with solid foam, I used poly batting. I couldn’t find any foam that would work, so I used a full twin size package of poly bat. I figure it will drain. 🙂


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