How grows the garden and more

Asian Lily – They are taller than me!!!

I am 5'5" and this stalk is at least 5" higher.

I am 5’5″ and this stalk is at least 5″ higher.

I  planted  a  bunch of these bulbs about 7 years ago.  They are starting to really spread!  Love them.


Love this lilly

Love this lilly

Calla Lily

Calla Lily

These are the light pink Calla Lily – they have a solid green leaf.  I also have one with a speckled leaf that hasn’t bloomed yet.  I am hoping it is the darker pink.  Should know in another week or so.  These light ones have really come up nicely this year, no rabbits hung out in the garden this winter. Wondering if my garden expert friends can give me advice on “dividing” them?  They have been in the ground here about 7 years.  I would love to be able to get them going in other places in the garden.

I’ve been busy this week.  I accepted a challenge to build 2 quilt blocks for a designer I took a class from last fall in Houston. She sent me some strips and squares of fabric and instructions, I added print strips and squares. I followed her instructions and built these 2 blocks.


designer's challenge

designer’s challenge

Hubby and I took a ride to a town not too far away and watched as the cars arrived for a “lunch stop” . The cars were participating in the Hemmings Motor News Great Race from Maine to Florida.  No vehicle was newer than 1972.  There were so many cool cars, and I took tons of pictures.  I am going to load them up on Google Plus later this week.  Below is just one .  I thought this truck was a lot of fun.  Great article in the local newspaper:

UPDATE:   Lots of pictures from the Great Race on my Google Plus page —

Good thing they came through on Tuesday….because on Wednesday we had torrential rain!!


Can you see the rain bouncing in the water of the pool?
Since it was raining, I decided to get busy and work on my “Snow Drift”. I managed to get it put together and by the end of Wednesday night I had it quilted. Binding is in progress now, but here is a sneak peak at it before it was layered. It is going to be just perfect on my table. Nearly as long and almost as wide as the dining room table. Of course, after the quilting and the trimming, and the binding and the washing, it will shrink up a little bit!!


In between the fun, I am working on finding speakers and instructors for the Quilt Guild that I belong to.  If you know somebody great that is near the Mid Atlantic (Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey or Maryland), let me know.  This job is tough!!  Thank goodness I have a committee to help make the final choices, but I have to get them a list of options.  I have spent a lot of “quilt time” at the computer, researching.  Ready to get back to my sewing.  Afraid to look at my list of things that need doing!  🙂  Have a great weekend, hope it is sunny and bright where ever you are!



8 thoughts on “How grows the garden and more

  1. Especially love the calla lilies. Remember when anyone imitating Katherine Hepburn would come out with a quote about the calla lilies being in bloom again?


    • Thanks for the great reminder Lillian. I had to go watch it on You tube! Stage Door….I had forgotten. I love Katherine Hepburn, and her performance really showed her heartbreak. The pink calla lilies are my favorite. Thanks for the memories.


  2. Wow! So much to love in this post. The flowers and the quilts have my vote though. I love those two blocks. What a great design. And your table runner is awesome!


    • Thanks Deborah. The 2 blocks will be part of a quilt or pattern at some point. I got the bits of fabric in the mail with instructions, and spent an hour playing and building the 2 blocks. Sent them back the next day. It was fun to be included in the designers challenge. I will name the pattern/designer once she gives the go-ahead. 🙂


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