a little bag

Went to a quilt show at the end of May – Quilters Unlimited Chantilly Show at Dulles Expo Center. I picked up a kit to make a “beatle bag”.  This kit included the pattern and the little clear view zipper pockets.  I picked up all the necessary items (Velcro, soft and stable, fabric, and a 2″ ring)  and set to working on it.

Let me tell you that my resulting bag is just “ok” in my opinion.   I had a terrible time with the tension of my machine while trying to sew velcro, and while trying to stitch the straps. Oh, yes,  and clearly understanding some of the directions.  Thank goodness my quilt bee buddy Barbara also bought the pattern and had finished her bag already.  (Text messages and phone calls saved the day!!) Barbara used to teach sewing, and her advice was awesome.  I switched to a ball point needle and had better luck sewing the velcro.  I should have switched back to a regular needle before I worked on the straps.  Again, I had tension issues.  (My fix; after the fact was to top stitch with a fancy stitch).

I did a lot of seam ripping on this project.  Figured out a bunch of things I would do “differently” next time. (Like fun fancy top stitching on the strap handles in the beginning).

I think I have enough “soft and stable” to make another bag.  I would NOT put the soft & stable in every place the pattern suggests (like in the pockets).  Now, I am wondering if I can find these zipper pockets someplace else?  Oh, and my hubby thinks if I made the “rectangle” just a bit bigger, it might lay a little “flatter” instead of so ROUND.  One thing I liked about the pattern was it gave a suggested list of things to include “in your bag” once it is made.  So, no close up pix…but have to report it is packed and ready to go to the next guild sewing event!!  I added a couple things to the list of contents too; like a pen and a small stack of post it notes, a pencil / sharpener, a sharpie, and a small tablet.  And NO chocolate…last thing I want is a melted mess in my bag…funny how the chocolate was on the list about 5 times.

Great concept, bag should remain packed with all  your goods. Supply list was included. Pattern included the plastic pockets.

Great concept, bag should remain packed with all your goods. Supply list was included. Pattern included the plastic pockets.


12 thoughts on “a little bag

    • Thanks Judy….did you notice the spool on the outside? That was from one of my “embroidery” test designs…tested on cotton before stitching on a t-shirt. Hung on to the square (decorated my design wall for the last year). When I was working on this “hell” bag, I decided to add the spool. Don’t tell anybody that I ended up “UPSIDE DOWN”….oh…well…like I said…”hell bag”..


  1. I just finished making 2 of these bags & it was hell x 2!!! I also did a lot of ripping out & redoing on this project. I changed a couple things as I went along. I added flaps to the pockets so things wouldn’t fall out. I also wouldn’t add the soft & stable to the pockets if I had to do it over. I also would do the pockets differently, add pleats to make them a bit roomier. I added an adjustable strap. I also couldn’t find a 2-1/8″ ring. I got a 2″ ring at Beverly’s. I made all the straps slightly narrower so it worked better with the 2″ ring. I won’t be making any more of these!


    • Oh Patty thank you…I thought it was just me!! I agree about the flaps on the pockets and pleats. I wish I had thought of the flaps, because my things do fall out. A Rotary cutter will stay put, but not smaller scissors. By the time I loaded it all up it is a ROLL. Sewing through the soft and stable really gave my machine tension issues. I wish I had put in a heavy duty needle! I might consider another if I could find the pockets, but I would definately modify the pattern using your suggestions! Thanks for stopping in to comment.


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