Snow Drift

Managed to get 10 blocks finished during class

Managed to get 10 blocks finished during class

Another project is up on the design wall! At our guild on Monday we had Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr speak, and Tuesdays class was taught by Bill Kerr. (
We had fun with templates and curves and fabric selections.  I chose florals.  My white fabric has a floral in it as well.  Bill Kerr was so interesting to listen to, and was a great help picking out the fabrics. (I took about 25 choices with me.)  The brown fabric has little flowers and the brown is picked up in almost every other fabric.
I had chosen the “wall hanging” option….but think I am going for table runner. Have too few blocks for the wall hanging, and too many for the table runner, but I am still at that point in the design where I could go either way.

playing with the blocks and the layout

playing with the blocks and the layout

Decided I need to add more fabric choices in my blocks…..


a touch of blue….and a whole lot of pins

Do you like curved piecing?   I bought a special foot at my sister in laws recommendation for curved piecing, but could not bring myself to use it “in the middle” of this project. I made some of the blocks on my Brother 6000ci in class and the rest on my Janome 8900 at home this afternoon/evening. (Note to self….Try that foot you bought from )

So, anyway; I have 7 different fabrics, and I just CAN’T do random……so, I am breaking the rules I learned at the class and doing it my own way.  I finally have a layout that pleases my eye.  I will follow the “sleep on it” rule from class and look again tomorrow to see if I love it or hate it.  The blocks are currently 8.5″, so if I use the configuration below (3×9) it will finish somewhere around 24 x 72.  We decided 4 wide (32″) is too wide. 3 wide is “just right”.  May have to dump a row or two because the table is only 78″ long and it ‘s feeling a bit “LONG”.  I have 30 blocks made…..maybe they will be placemats! Never know what direction this is going to head in.    All said, I have mastered the “pinning” of the curved pieces and they look fairly decent!

7 fabrics in this version

7 fabrics in this version

Lots of curves in the last two days……more tomorrow!!



2 thoughts on “Snow Drift

  1. Your curved piecing looks beautiful, but I cannot bring myself to work on anything with ‘snow’ in the name. LOL I have to admit that I spent the vast majority of every day outside gardening and am now getting ready to head to the beach for a week of camping. I have my next project in mind and need to start the planning process.


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