When Quilt History Repeats

Sewing for Life has made some great points about “Quilt History” repeating itself. Nothing is really new. I am “reblogging” this post, because I think it is important to realize the pattern you are “buying” may not be “an original” design. Recently a blogger I read was going toe to toe with a pattern designer about the use of her pattern and the designer insisting she NAME her quilt with the pattern name. In Lancaster PA there is a fierce battle with a company called “Almost AMISH” and local quilters using a pattern and selling quilts made from that pattern which they own the copyright to. Crazy world.


This is a post of discovery.

Have you ever seen a quilt or a pattern for that quilt you thought you’d seen before and it is now packaged differently?  This is a tale of a Bear Paw block pattern I saved way back in 1996 when I was just beginning my quilt making journey.  Back then I subscribed to Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine and in April 1996 I fell in love with the cover quilt, Chaco’s Paw.  You can see it below…isn’t it amazing?DSCF9014

Well, kind of a side story, remember a few weeks back when I went to an Estate Sale and picked up lots of fun quilting stuff?

That Scrap Quilt book, the one in the middle by Judy Martin,DSCF9018 was one of the three books I picked up.  So I was lying in bed browsing my newly acquired acquisition when I flip through the opening of the book…

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