Sad day for the doggies in our family

My oldest grand-puppy, Layla; age 6 had a heart attack or stroke during the night and died immediately.  She was a beautiful, fun loving border collie; full of energy, and always ready to herd you about.  My heart breaks for my daughter and her husband, as they have to contend with the details today.   She was an energetic, loving dog, always ready to have you throw a ball or frisbee, across the yard or in the pool.

I know her buddy Rudder, an English Lab, will miss her~!~


17 thoughts on “Sad day for the doggies in our family

    • Thank you Judy. Layla was her first pet as a “grown up”. She and her hubby got her before their first wedding anniversary. My daughter has had to deal with the loss of her Husky and her cat in the last few years. To lose this energetic dog was a huge shock.


  1. That made me so sad – our Spencer is 5 now, and was acting like he didn’t feel well today. He’s part of our family, as I know Layla was part of your daughter’s. It’s hard to lose a special pet.


    • Thank you. I am sorry to make you sad. It is a reminder that our pets have such short lives in contrast to our own. They are certainly loyal loving friends while they are with us. Give Spencer an “ear rub” for me today.


    • I was very shocked to hear from hear early yesterday morning. We have a 12+ rotti, and I check her breathing EVERY morning! I often worry about how much longer she has on this earth, but then she lets out a good bark at the cats, and life goes forward.


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