Celebrate – Happy Birthday Progress report # 2

Well…the decision is final…it WILL be C E L E B R A T E….and on the flip side…since I am making it…it WILL be H A P P Y   B I R T H D A Y ..
Got all the stitching done for the Celebrate, and have all my letters cut out for Happy Birthday. Of course, today, when I was tracing the letters, I forgot to flip the B & the P and the R…and had to “re-do” them to a mirror image….I was going high speed…and was more worried about which colors I was using for which letters…. Nothing like a minor glitch. Was glad I only goofed up 3 letters, as my supply of wonder-under is almost gone.

I still need to cut some more interfacing to go behind the H.B. triangles. The quilters cotton is just to flimsy with out the interfacing on the front and back triangles. Did the “c” and got it turned easily with the interfacing on both pieces. I left the top of the triangle open for turning. It will get enclosed in the tie fabric anyway. Had to make myself a little “diagram” so I don’t sew the wrong letters back to back….  I am also alternating the fabrics; polka dot and stripes to make it more interesting.
Here is a quick peak at an early stage this afternoon.wpid-fb_img_13981043443728689.jpgwpid-fb_img_13981043946985448.jpg

If you zoomed in the T  you will see I had some trouble making the corners turn.  I got better as I went along.  So, my darling daughter, when she recieves this bunting, will know that it is NOT perfect, like me.  But it is done with love, and I am learning as I go.  And of course, now that I have done this, I have read a blog post with tips and techniques from Wendy Sheppherd’s blog :  Ivory Spring — http://ivoryspring.wordpress.com/2011/03/02/tell-all-applique-tips/   Love the information she presents and the techniques!!

Thought I would finish today, but forgot how long it takes to trace out the letters, press them to the fabric, cut them all out.  (DEADLINE FOR MAKING DINNER interrupted the sewing project. )Maybe tomorrow afternoon.  Deadline for mailing is looming.  Thinking how I can manage part 2 of this project with remaining fabric….spiral hanging decorations.  To be continued…………

Happy Stitching.


7 thoughts on “Celebrate – Happy Birthday Progress report # 2

    • Thanks Judy. It is one from the APPLIQUE menu. I am going to follow Wendy Shepperds instructions on her blog and play with the stitch width tho when I do the words on the back side of the bunting to make them smaller. She calls the stitch a blanket stitch. I have about 10 choices on my machine, some that have the solid stitch on the left, and some for the right. (I guess for inner and outer circles)


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