Celebrate or celebration????

Decisions….oh decisions. ..  I am making a bunting for someone far far far away from home. Should it say Celebration or Celebrate?????
Made my appliqué letters for both….and should I use something behind each letter


like the circle on the left side of the photo???? 


What to do????  Think the reverse is easy….it will say Happy birthday.


12 thoughts on “Celebrate or celebration????

  1. I have a banner that my daughter made for me that says CELEBRATE which I love. I think I like something behind each letter.


    • Thanks Lillian for your input. That was my thought too on the solid behind the letters. I thought the got lost when I placed them directly on the stripes. This will be bunting that my daughter can use whenever she has an occasion to celebrate.


  2. Agree with the above. Celebration names an event. Celebrate is an invitation to do so. 🙂

    Happy Birthday on the reverse is great! One for birthdays, one for other celebrations.

    I love having something behind the letters. I think you’re right about them getting lost in the stripes otherwise.

    This is such a great idea! Wonderful gift! 🙂


    • Thanks for stopping in Deborah. Everyone seems to agree with Celebrate! Oh good, now I don’t have to decide or chose the wrong word!! When I first cut out the letters and put them against the background stripe, they got lost…so I had to play around a bit to find a shape that would accomodate but not exceed the triangles which I had already cut. My daughter gets all the credit for the bunting/banner idea. She is a good about finding clever ideas! It is a nice departure from quilting. I like a break between big quilt projects.


    • Here is a funny/not so funny- I posted on a quilt group on Facebook the same photo; with the question about the circle behind the letters. Over 100 people commented, 99% saying they liked the circle. One snarky person told me to Quit Sewing….lol. Boy did one of the posters take her to task and dozens were agreeing with the person who took her to task. I’m a tough ol’ bird, so snarky doesn’t bother me. I like to chat with people about the design concepts. I can ALWAYS copy what somebody else creates…my creativity level on it’s own is not alway there. I knew instantly when I laid the “A” on the stripe that it disappeared, and I spent half an hour coming up with a “creative” solution…so I do have a bit of creativity in my soul. Still giggling about the snarky writer. 😛


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