Queensland Quilt Show UPDATE

Stolen quilt from the Queensland Quilt show occurred nearly 6 months ago; not this past week.   I was misinformed.

Did a little independent research (which I should have done PRIOR to posting) and came across this today:

Queensland Quilt show blogger: http://blog.quickstitchquilting.com/2013/10/stolen-from-queensland-quilt-show/   and http://pippaquilt.blogspot.com/2013/10/stolen-quilt-alert.html

In my research I have come across a website discussing “missing quilts” where this quilt is mentioned:  http://lostquilt.com/2013/status/missing/feathers-unfolden/

The best indication I have is the theft  occured in October 2013,in Brisbane Australia.  Contact information for the owner of the quilt is below:

If you are able to assist in the recovery of this quilt, please contact Brenda at wof1mof2@yahoo.com.au

I think it is always helpful to share the information to aid in the recovery of the stolen quilt.  Spreading the word around the world will bring many more eyes on the quilt and alert a would be thief that quilters are watching!


As I have listed multiple sources for this stolen quilt, I feel the information is more accurate than previously reported.

Please reblog / share and spread the word around the world.


2 thoughts on “Queensland Quilt Show UPDATE

  1. I am really surprised and concerned at the same time stolen quilts are so common! Incidentally, The Quilter has been doing articles in their issue on the same subject.

    Thank you for highlighting this lost quilt.

    Hugs to you.


  2. Glad to hear from you Wendy. I was amazed how many quilts have gone missing from shows. Lostquilt.com has great info on protection of your quilts. What do you do when you send one of yours off to be photographed or enter into a show?


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