Making a list, planning a project

Do you have those days where  you can’t even get near the sewing machine?  The last 2 have been that way for me, but hey, I did manage to get clean sheets on the bed, the family room dusted; and the last bit of Christmas boxed away….it’s ONLY March…..

Tuesday was bitterly cold so I did “muck out the stalls” … I mean DUST…and vacuum and such. (My housework calendar says – Tuesdays are for toilets).   No, I wasn’t having company, I was overwhelmed by the stuff collecting and not getting put away.  Since it was so cold, I figured I would stay inside and get serious about some of the clutter (in between reading blogs; commenting on facebook, deleting more email than I read etc.)

Yesterday, my husband took a day away from work, and spent 99% of it finishing up a presentation he gave last evening. Wifely support system was engaged, which meant BREAKFAST and LUNCH….and other wifely duties…like keeping the cats and dog out of his hair, getting him out the door on time for his dinner/business meeting/presentation etc. I “helped” by handling the groups finances, greeting new folks and “situating” the new ones at tables with folks that were likely to be pleasant. Not always easy with a group of cranky ol’ men.  They don’t do a lot of networking, or chatting the way women do.  The new guys had their wives along, so I did my “door greeter” best to be smiling and nice.

Today was the board meeting for our quilt guild.  That was interesting for me, as I am a new member (joined last May); and took charge of the duty of “renewing/subscribing” members for Fons & Porter magazine. The magazine gives back a % of the subscription to the guild, so I was the $$$ lady there too.  I figured I could handle that little job, as it was a “short term” project; 2 or 3 months.  Somehow, I failed to learn in the military to NOT volunteer…… Somehow by doing little jobs, you get “noticed”…and the elections for the guild are coming up over the summer…so the nominating committee is in full swing; begging people to take jobs.

As I said, elections are a few months away, but I did agree to be nominated …and now, while I have a couple of months to think about it…I wonder how I will find SPEAKERS for 10 GUILD meetings!! (Oh, yeah, classes too)  I think they are planned for up to a year ahead, so at least going in (if elected) there might be time to get it right.  What I want to know from my friends in the BLOG world is, if any of you have had experience getting speakers for your guild meeting?  Or, if you have encountered speakers that were just terrific, and would like to recommend them to me. How did you “FIND” your speakers.  Like I said I am NEW in this guild; so I am looking for input from the readers of my blog.  If you read my blog with any frequency; and you “teach” or do “trunk shows” or have given presentations to guilds…let me know.  I am going to make a list, so my next project, speaker planning, can get off the ground.   Anybody want to come to “DELAWARE” ????  (We have a nice beach….and about 75-100 regular participants at the guild meetings).

🙂  Cheers…and write back….  🙂


3 thoughts on “Making a list, planning a project

  1. Oh, I have definitely had those days…. especially now that my little one is a little older. 🙂 I still rely heavily on my day planner, but oftentimes my goals are moving targets. 🙂 All that to say, I can empathize… we are doing well (thanks for asking in your comment on my blog), and are healthy. I am just working hard to take care of a few hard deadlines.

    So glad I stopped by to catch up on your blog. Some lovely projects going on here, and I do so love your sewing room, by the way. 🙂


  2. My dear, you must read the little saying I have on the bottom of my blog, “Housework is for people who don’t quilt!” Study and learn. 🙂
    Seriously, sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do for the dear hubby, who I know is so supportive of your interests.
    You are very brave to be on the board of the guild. I hope you do well and find lots of great speakers for the meetings. My biggest “volunteer” job for my guild is to volunteer to bring items for the monthly raffle basket in June. Not quite on the same caliber as you. LOL!


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