Putting the rows together

Well; if you have been following; I have been busy putting the blocks together into rows. Today I went out and spent an hour cleaning up the desk and the cutting table so that I could begin putting the rows together.  Summer in the Park may get finished before SPRING….(well…maybe….).

Clean desk and clean (sorta) cutting table.

Clean desk and clean (sorta) cutting table.

Once I got the clutter contained, I started in on the rows! (  Sorry about the photo quality……it’s like taking pictures into the sun with my 3 windows full of sunshine. )


In the midst of stitching row 2 to row 3....Row one awaits on the wall.

In the midst of stitching row 2 to row 3….Row one awaits on the wall.

Taking a bit of a break now, because I have only ONE more row to go.   Thinking already about the borders and just how big I want to make this quilt!  Going to have a quick bite; feed the cats and dog, then head back out and pin the last row and get it stitched this evening.

No sewing Thursday or Friday for me, as I will be out and about.  Tomorrow morning with an appointment and in the afternoon a lesson in making unleavened communion bread.  Friday is a field trip! Going to the Mid Atlantic Quilt Show in Hampton Roads VA with a whole busload from my quilt guild. Should be a lot of fun wandering around, checking out the vendors. (MUST make a shopping list….for those hard to get, only can get via internet items.)

My brain has already “detached” from this project and is think ahead to the T-shirt memorial quilt.  (That normally happens to me about the time I get the quilt layered up….I think this one I will “send out” for long arm quilting.  I’m not sure I am ready to tackle a King Size for all over quilting, even on my new machine.)

As far as the Memorial T-shirt quilt goes, I finally got the fusible interface I ordered today in the mail.  The pressing cloth and the t-shirt transformation ruler (all by June Tailor) arrived in the past couple of days and the interfacing came today. It is much softer, almost feels like cloth, than I expected. Glad I did not decide to go with one of the other fusible I had on hand. I also got in the mail a package from someone out in California; 5 yards of a special fabric.  It will be a surprise for the t-shirt project.  No, not St Louis Cardinals….but certainly suitable to use as the backing.  When I posted something about my search for the right fabric, a lady gifted me this piece. Won’t let me pay for it, she even sent it 2nd day air. I was stunned at the generosity of another quilter. To share with another quilter, 5 yards of Robert Kaufman fabric, is beyond generous.  Still waiting on the 2 fabrics I ordered for sashing; posts and borders.   So; I have time to ponder the overall design, and time to download the 2 great embroidery designs I found, and time to consider whether / how I will incorporate the police badge into the t-shirt quilt. Pretty well thinking I will print the photo of it on fabric….but contemplating “which” fabric, and where it will be placed.

Happy stitching!




2 thoughts on “Putting the rows together

    • Thanks Judy! Since this is above the garage, there are really no limits on the space. (Other than storing stuff for a relative…..) Seriously starting to dig thru the relative’s craft bins and making some of her stuff my own! She won’t be back so she won’t care….. 🙂


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