Last week was full of stitching

The last blog I wrote was called  “Sewing like Crazy” – and then not a word of my own for an entire week.

That is because this week has been “full of stitching”.  In between being the DRIVER for a visit to the local surgery center for the hubby and his cataract surgery Tuesday, and follow up Wednesday, Bible Study Monday; Church council meeting Tuesday,  and Quilt Bee on Wednesday, I got to sew.  I had one eye zapped with the laser on Tuesday (that was an interesting activity…wide awake) to break up the scar tissue from my own cataract surgery several years ago.  Now that I look back I wonder how I found time…but I did.

I worked diligently and finished my Senior Quilt top and have delivered it, ironed, on a hanger to church. Here is a peek at the finished quilt top:

Finished Senior Quilt 2014

Finished Senior Quilt 2014

This is the first year in the last 5 that I am not coordinating the project, just sewing. This was one of my 17 items on the to-do list; and I have officially crossed it off!!

I could not wait to get this “off the wall” so I could move on to my “Summer in the Park” quilt.  I could have finished the Senior Quilt earlier in the week, but I was distracted  obsessed  by making all the blocks for “Summer in the Park“.  I also have a memorial t-shirt quilt laid out on my work table.  (More about that in another post).  I took my One Block Wonder blocks off the wall to put the Senior Quilt up.  The OBW blocks are put away for now…but that makes 4 active projects!!

I had the sewing desk and the cutting table and the iron table, the ironing board all covered in squares for  “SIP“.

I had to make myself a bit of a graph on the computer to figure out how many blocks I needed. I started the week with 64, and ended up making 144.

Not sure I will use them all, but I do have a layout. Once I decided to go BIG, I had to make another run for fabric on Monday!  (of course)  I needed more white fabric, and I thought I needed another yard of one of my ZEBRA stripes.  Well, you know what happens sometimes when you run out of just can’t get what you want. I was lucky in that the shop had TWO more black-white-yellow prints that I could add to my mix.  In the end, I had 5 different types of blocks.  And I have enough fabric left to do sashing, borders and the back.  Ok, I over bought in the beginning….and I have leftover blocks. I hate to not have enough fabric.

The first layout made my eyes hurt.….

Started with this layout

Started with this layout

Something was not quite right….and when my hubby came up to the sewing room, he started to show me what he saw as “wrong”…and for once, I agreed with his vision.  Apparently he had READ the pattern, but, I certainly wasn’t following it!!!  (

I was not laying my blocks out the way Shontelle Stayner had in her pattern.  I was trying to make “mixed” blocks and alternating blocks.  It felt chaotic.  If you click on the photo above, you can see all the varieties of fabric that I had used for this project.

So; everything came off the flannel wall, and back into neat little stacks on my ironing table.  I pulled the pattern back up – printed it AGAIN (3rd time..where did I put it anyway).  Took one look at the picture on the first page of the pattern and realized what I had done wrong.  So; here is the FINAL layout….

The second attempt was just right, so time to tag by blocks (give them a name like block B)

The second attempt was just right, so time to tag by blocks (give them a name like block B)

Ooops...missing a block

Ooops…missing a block

Now that there is a pattern and a plan, the real sewing begins today. On Saturday, I made another strip set to “fill the whole” at the bottom; and got the “four patches” put together on the bottom row, and today I will work on it again.

Need to stay focused on SIP, so I can get as much done as possible while I wait on 2 packages to come for the memorial quilt.  Actually more than 2 packages.  I received the June Tailor T-Shirt Transformation Ruler I ordered from Amazon. (Had to cancel my order with Nancy’s notions – on back order until the middle of MARCH!!!).  I am waiting on the stabilizer and pressing cloth to come early this week.  I had lots of discussion with my friend about fabrics for the t-shirt quilt.  The shirts belonged to my friends father, and he was a NYC police officer, loved the St Louis cardinals, and other sports.

I spotted theses when I was at my local quilt shop Monday  –  I took a chance at 25% off and bought 1 yard of each.

Turns out they will not be going into this quilt…so…on to other on-line shopping where we agreed on the following:

This package should arrive sometime this week.  We did lots of on-line shopping together and were unable to locate any St Louis cardinals fabric.  I did find two lovely EMBROIDERY designs for St Louis cardinals…and will download and stitch them out.   The only fabric you can get for St Louis cardinals is fleece, and that was not an option I would take for this quilt. I have a special fabric which will be a surprise for the back of the quilt.  It is also coming by mail and has already been shipped.  The decision to make this into a wall hanging has been made; so a pocket on the back will be included when I bind the quilt.    It is fun to think ahead to this quilt while I work on SIP.  I think I enjoy the design element of a project just as much as I like the sewing!!

4 thoughts on “Last week was full of stitching

  1. It is amazing the difference (even toy untrained eye) between the “eyes hurt” layout and the final layout. What a difference the design wall makes! Looks lovely!


  2. Thanks. I loved the black white and yellow. It reads very MODERN to me, and doesn’t suit this house at all..but I love the fabrics. It is leaning towards king sized. Will have to get a bigger bed or send it to you!


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