Star Quilt to Be

My sister-in-law has started her blog last year, 1 post. This year, she is trying to get the blog going, and doing interesting posts. Go check her out, and this lovely star she is working on. 🙂 ENJOY…be sure to follow her!!


Yesterday I took an all day class based on Eleanor Burns’ Radiant Star book…what a challenge!  Most of the ladies were beginners.  I was surprised but admired them for being willing to take on such a challenging pattern for their first quilt!   I didn’t get as much done as I had hoped, but did manage to get one section of the star done by working on it this afternoon.  All my corners aren’t perfect, but its the best I can do.  One of the corners got torn out 3 times. Fortunately I started using a basting stitch to check to see if it was right before I did the final seam. I hope it comes out as beautiful as I imagine.


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6 thoughts on “Star Quilt to Be

  1. How nice to have another family member who is also a quilter…. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by — yes, you will want to go to Mount Vernon on a warm day — be sure to take the Potomac River cruise, it’s worth it… be sure to check the time because it is not offered all year round.


  2. Wendy – you will enjoy her blog. She lives 3000 miles away, but we have had fun with our quilty talks. She inspired me to do my first one-block wonder 2 years ago. She has been at it much longer than me, quite the serious quilter. At her suggestion we went to Houston to IQF last year together. Thanks for the tip on the Potomac River cruise.


  3. That’s lovely Lillian!! I love watching her “followers” list grow !! She will do as well blogging as she does growing flowers. I imagine her blog postings will “branch out” into gardening as she gets a few more posts under her belt.


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