A Little Taste of One-Block Wonders

OneBlockWonderWOMAN has really done a good job with her posts as a new blogger. Check out her OBW projects. They make me drool. 🙂


You must be wondering where are all the one-block wonders, so thought I’d post a few of my past projects. This is the original fabric used and the finished quilt called “Krazy for Kats” made for my good friend who really is. Sorry for the poor quality photo, but this is only the second one-blocker I made and my design wall was my dining room window.001Maggie 075
This next one is my all-time favorite and the first time I was brave enough to try free-motion quilting in the big borders. It’s called Blue Bird of Happiness. First the original fabric:
Then the quilt:
The last one for now was made for my quilting mentor that I mentioned earlier, Carla. She would never make one of these for herself because she doesn’t like having to struggle to line up wonky blocks. Her favorite colors are orange and green. It is called “Just…

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