Free motion quilting “aids”

I was asked today by Oh Sew Tempting  about those little things you put under your bobbin to help it to move nicely while free motion quilting.

Pictures tell the whole story!!


They are 3/4″ across if I measured correctly.  Supposed to help your bobbin “really spin” and keep from getting those nasty thread tangles under your quilt.  I’ve read other domestic sewing machine quilters speak highly of them, so I invested in a package.  I recommend the Supreme slider on your sewing surface as well!!

Good luck my friend!


6 thoughts on “Free motion quilting “aids”

    • Wow, in the long arm too? You have bigger bobbins? I saw today that there are “two” sizes. Amazon only sells the one I pictured, but Nancy’s notions has both. I’m happy to see I am sharing something that even a longarm quilter finds useful!! Oh Sew Tempting – Avis was asking about them. I’d forgotten I mentioned them a long time ago. She was the reason I shot the picture and posted it. I couldn’t figure out how to put a photo in my reply to her question, so was easier to write a new post!


    • 🙂 Did you know they are non-fat ?? 🙂 I found mine online; Nancy’s notions and Amazon. Nancy sells TWO sizes; a size M which is 7/8″ that they call the MEGA; and the Little Genie which I pictured in my post. They run around $11 and I have put one in my Janome machine under the bobbin; and one in my Brother embroidery machine.


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