My first quilting adventure

If you haven’t had a chance to read posts by oneblockwonderwoman, take time today! She is a new blogger and an experience quilter!! Enjoy


When my husband and I retired in 2006, one of the many activities I wanted to give a try was quilting…I also tried watercolors but just saying that I didn’t have a gift for that is a huge understatement.  Before we moved nearly 300 miles to our retirement home, I went crazy in the fabric store and bought a book and a ton of fabric.  In my absolute ignorance I chose a complicated paper-pieced pattern because it was a clematis (I have been a member of Gardener’s Anonymous for many years with a special affinity for clematis).  Having diligently prewashed the fabric because that’s what the book said to do, I wadded the whole mess up into a box and threw it in the back of the truck.  Once we got settled in our forever home, I pulled out the now hopelessly wrinkled fabric and tried to iron it the best…

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