One Block Wonder on the Wall

I completed 29 One Block Wonder hexagons at my quilt retreat. Today, I got my things unpacked and put away from the adventure, and got the blocks out. They are all pressed and hanging on the design wall.  I’m not sure what my end game is going to be with them, a table runner or something larger.  If I go larger, then I have a few more to cut and sew.

29 blocks on my design wall

29 blocks on my design wall

Be sure to click on the photo for a bigger view…the detail of the blocks shows so much better if you do!

After I got them all ironed and hung, I moved on to the Summer in the Park we started, and finished cutting 3 more strips into blocks.  I am looking forward to working with them and getting a look at them on the design wall too.  I know I have to make a few more strip sets!  I had some kind of trouble cutting these blocks during the retreat and just STOPPED before I ruined a whole lot of fabric!  Today, I just zipped right along, and they cut very easily.  Who knows…but I think it’s like playing the slots…if you are loosing …it is time to quit! Same goes for quilting, if the seam ripper comes out to often, it is time for a break, and heaven forbid when you make the cuts and they are too SMALL….

It was fun to work through both projects that I started last week.  I will probably put both away while I dig into a box of shirts sent by a friend and start her dad’s memory quilt. I promised “after Christmas” and she is on my list at # 1.

Happy stitching!


6 thoughts on “One Block Wonder on the Wall

    • Thanks for stopping in to read the blog today Avis. It is a fun project. I was enjoying the reaction of the other ladies in the room as they would take their stack of triangles and spread them out to see what it looked like. The only “hard” part was lining up the 6 layers of fabric. Recommend the book, as it will help with fabric selection, space between repeats etc. 🙂


  1. I decided I had better “order” a special ruler before I start with the t-shirts! I was reading emails and tripped over a video that I found useful –
    So, I decided to order the ruler, fusing, pressing cloth and book. I got a great price on the “Ultimate Tshirt Quilt Set”, much better than just buying the ruler and the pressing cloth and fusing seperately. My “decision point” was the free shipping when I entered the ‘source code’ from the back of Nancy’s Notions catalogue I got last week. (Guess I will add the tools into the price of materials for the quilt!)
    The hexi’s were easy to sew, and if you ever decide to do it, make sure you get a good 60 degree triangle ruler. My previous experience was at the top of my thoughts as I prepped the fabric! I spray starched both sides of the fabric before I cut the first strip! That should help with the bias!


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