Christmas Reflections: 10,000 Joys

A very important message!

Ivory Spring

Dear Friends, I have to confess I have experienced pangs of grief and pain amidst the joyous cheer and anticipation of Christmas this whole month of December.  I grieve for dear friends who have lost their loved ones during the Christmas season.  I have cried thinking about how much those loved ones are missed…

Christmas 2013

And yet, grieving for the loss of a loved one is a reality of life from which we cannot escape…


Then I heard 10,000 Joys sung at church yesterday, and my heart was encouraged greatly by the words “… ten thousand joys — enough to last through all the years; And joy to shine through all my tears — ten thousand joys!”


This Christmas, may the ten thousand joys brought forth by the Christ Child will overshadow the grief you feel when you miss and think of your loved ones who have gone on before you…

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2 thoughts on “Christmas Reflections: 10,000 Joys

  1. I am well; Gosh, I am thankful that you took the time to check in with me. December was a busy busy month and though I read a few blogs, did not feel as though I had done much in my little crafty world to blog about. I will do an update tonight about what life has been all about. THANK YOU BOTH for your note. Happy New Year, and happy sewing; painting, crafting and teaching!


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