1 year, 500 likes, Artful Mitts and Mystery Quilt

A milestone I believe….a year of blogging and 500 likes within the same few days. Amazing the world you reach when you just start typing.  I’m grateful for the connections over the last year!   I am amazed at who reads my blog; surprised that there are bloggers with thousands of followers who took the time to pop in and comment, and inspired by  all the blogs I read.  Thank goodness for the READER function on WordPress and for BLOGLOVIN.  Both give me a way to keep up.

I got to meet, in person, at IQF – Houston – one of the bloggers who I follow – Maria Shell .  She was in the CRAFTSY booth, giving lessons. Her blog today talks about what she was sharing at Houston! http://talesofastitcher.com/2013/12/05/ruler-made-stripes/comment-page-1/#comment-1933

Just the other day, I received a pattern in the mail from Maria.  She offered a pattern on her 100th post and I got one!!! What great effort she made sharing a gift with 100 people who commented on her post.  The pattern is highlighted here: http://talesofastitcher.com/2013/11/10/artful-oven-mitts/

I was “between projects” and have baskets of scraps, so I thought I would give her pattern a try. I picked up some Insul Bright batting (1 yard) on Monday after my quilt guild meeting; and have “made” some fabric!!  The Insul Bright batting was available at MARES BEARS Quilt Shop in Lewes DE by the yard.  I bought 1 yard to see how this worked out.  I have 4 Artful Oven Mitts in progress!  I almost emptied one of my scrap baskets!  It was fun putting together the odd bits & pieces to “make” a large piece of fabric.

Making fabric for Artful Mitts

Making fabric for Artful  Oven Mitts

I have a dozen bolts of decorator fabric that is quite heavy, so used it for the “inside”.  I also added an extra layer of cotton batting (from the batting scrap box). My “fabric sandwich” consists of the patchwork pieces I put together – about 20″ x 50″; a layer of Insul Bright, a layerof cotton batting; and a piece of decorator cotton fabric.  In the photo above, I have it all layered and pinned together and have started quilting it.  (Before this photo, I did one Artful Oven Mitt as a test project).  I was able to cut 3 mitts (6 pieces) from this larger 20 x 50 piece that I quilted.  (Note to self – wind a few bobbins before starting!)  I had so much fun picking scraps from my baskets; making small groups and then squaring and joining with other small groups.  It is really wonky and fun. I actually took my ruler and SLASHED through some of the small group pieces that had bigger pieces, so I could “rearrange” in a way that suited me.  I wish now I had taken LOTS of pictures.  My mitts are nearly complete; just need to stitched the binding down on 3 of them; and will do  did that this morning; and then finish this blog post with all 4 MITTS standing tall!




I think thought this afternoon, I might just run back to the quilt store – Serendipity in Dagsboro DE to pick up some more INSUL BRIGHT.  I see myself making quite a few of these, and really emptying out the baskets.  Changed my mind and “made” some more fabric.  Had enough INSUL BRIGHT left to do 1 more MITT.   Will be moving out of the pastels to the reds blues and greens next!  (My hubby said these ones I made are nice for ladies, but what about the men who cook!)  Wishing I had Maria’s long arm to do the quilting, but did have some fun with FREE MOTION quilting. (Again – note to self; put on the quilt gloves when FMQ!)    Another yard of batting will get me 4 more mitts…and that is an easy goal for a one day project. I have a few friends to give a Christmas gift to, that I think these will do nicely!   My thanks to MARIA SHELL for her pattern and inspiring blog.

Speaking of Long Arms – have you entered APQS Great Longarm Giveaway?  http://apqs.com/longarm-giveaway/    I have tried to enter every day (missed a few) since August.  Contest ends next week!

On another note; I have a project to begin soon.  Anybody doing Bonnie Hunter – Quiltville Mystery Challenge – Celtic Solstice ??


I have my paint swatches; and some of my  fabric in neat little piles all over the place; just waiting on my “TRI-REC” rulers to come in the mail TODAY (hoping for tomorrow)!!!  Clue 1 came out last Friday; and Clue 2 came out today!  I think I am going to do the “small” version!  I won’t start unil later in the month; after Clue 3 comes out.  I have a little trip to take next week, and can’t take it with me.  I plan to do some starching of fabric before I begin anyway, so even without the rulers, I can get ready.  Love to hear if you are participating in the mystery.

Off to sew and take some pictures.  Happy stitching.

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