Quilting Bee Etiquette

Do you belong to a “quilt bee” ? Here is a great post that might be helpful within your group….


A couple of months ago I joined my first quilting Bees.I had been thinking about joining a Bee for a while, and then the opportunity to join two different bees presented itself.   For those of you that do not know what a quilting bee is, it is basically a group of quilters who join  together (in person or virtually) to make blocks every month which are then made into a quilt.

A search of the web showed me there were dozens and dozens of different types of Bees, and lots of opportunities to join Bees.  There are short burst bees (like the 4 x 5 Bees), there are Charity Bees (like do.Good.Stitches), there are virtual Bees, Quilting Guild Bees and of course the “group of friends who want to set up a Bee” Bees (like the ScrapBeeLicious Bee I am part of).  What I could not find on-line was…

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