Size 2 & 4 are done…well nearly

Nothing left to do but stitch on two buttons on the size 2, and a “made by tag” on the size 4.  Daughter asked for “size tags” to be included as well and those are also ready.  I had lots of fun making these “opposing” dresses.  The fact that I started with the bigger dress would make you think the “little dress” would go easier, since I had worked out all the kinks in the pattern…well…not so…..

I made the size 2 about 3 times I think.  First go round, I had the bodice facing outside to the skirts WRONG side….ooops.  So; RRRRRRRRRRRIPPPPPPPPP

Then I got it on properly; and stitched it together.  Thought I would use the “Decorative” stitches on my new Janome to outline the bodice, like I did with the size 4……Well…for some reason, I could not get all those layers of gathering and the 4 layers of the bodice top edges to agree; and the top stitching with the decorative stitches looked TERRIBLE.

I spent the better part of Monday afternoon RIRRRIRIRIRIPPPING out all those cute little flowers that each have 100000 stitches per flower x 1000 flowers.   I got about 6 inches done (not quite half).  I sat in the warmth of the family room, with a cat in the lap watching movies while I did that!  This morning, I looked at it and thought what was I thinking; my grandchild will be 25 before I pick out all those stitches; so enough already,  SKIP THAT SILLINESS.!  Out came my ROTARY CUTTER FRIEND and I just cut the bodice top off. ZIP ZIP DONE !  Bodice Top off !   I took the bodice top  apart, rescued the shoulder straps and cut a new bodice and lining. I then “straightened up my cut” on the now, no longer gathered skirt, regathered it, and remade the top.  SO MUCH BETTER.  And, this time, I added a little YELLOW rick-rac to give it a cute finish.  TADA…no more crisis to resolve.

So; together, they look fantastic!  I even made the size tags myself with my Janome’s Alpha/numeric fonts.

Opposing Dresses

That’s it for me today; time for a hot cup of tea while I wait on my dinner to finish in the oven!
Have fun stitching !

9 thoughts on “Size 2 & 4 are done…well nearly

    • Thanks for stopping in to read my blog. Sewing takes training and practice, not DNA. It is often taught to us as children, but never to late to learn. All you need is the desire to create. I am all about the easy quick stuff


  1. The seam ripper is my friend. 😆
    I’ve been looking for a pattern for a little dress, and this one is really cute. My friend wants me to make dresses for her granddaughters – aarrrrr! I don’t do clothes! But she has so much confidence that I can learn it, that she bought NICE material and said, “Here. Do it. I trust you.” No pressure or anything. 😆


    • I posted the info on the pattern a week or so ago – “a non quilting kind of week” . It is not terribly difficult, but the directions are scant! I did a lot of “basting” where the directions said to pin. So, for instance, the shoulder straps – I pinned them and then I stitched them down with a basting stitch about 1/4″ from edge. The whole pattern has you using 1/2″ seam allowance. I also did that for the LOOPS on the back (button loops). I also used my overcast stitch on the areas where the seams are exposed; bottom of the hem where the two pieces are joined, and along the side seams. And, lastly; I topstitched around the skirt “facing” so it would lie flat. I also pressed up a seam allowance on the inside bodice part, so that way, it would make for a nicer finish. I would hand stitch that down next time if I use this pattern again. I top stitched and did not catch it all, so ended up with the needle and thread anyway. Just as a side note; there are NO “marks” where the bodice lines up with the skirting. I used the side seams as my guide, and the center back and center front; and pinned like a mad woman so my gathering was uniform and even. Good luck. I did think it was a cute pattern, and since it is a sundress; you might have some time after Christmas to work on it before the weather gets warm again!


      • I did see that post – and went over to check out Izzy and Ivy too. The dress is a cutie! My friend wants a winter dress, she said – but I’m gonna keep this one in mind for the spring.


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