Unfinished projects starting to bug me

My things to make lists are growing in my head, and the unfinished projects are not moving ahead.  New fabric is collecting on the flat surfaces, and new ideas are adding up as fast as the checkbook drains.  I have fabric from Texas trip partially put away; fabric from an order in September to drool on, and fabric I got last week for Sundresses and Pillowcases and and so forth.    I also have 3 quilt tops in class containers, waiting for “the next step” and one charity quilt just waiting for two side borders…and it is hiding on the table under that Texas and September and so on….

I think I will make December a month to work on some of these “finishes”.  All 3 below are from classes I took last winter.  We used two of Pat Sloan’s “I can’t believe I’m Quilting” books and patterns.  I think they should be easy finishes.  I got stuck on these because I just didn’t know what to “do next”.  Two are squares, and not big enough for a lap quilt or bed quilt. One, I want to quilt the boarders.

Here is # 1  Crossroads – The darker color is a rich almost burgandy. It is not brown. The camera or the photo distort it terribly. Need a sunny day to take that photo, but it was WINTER….

cross roads outer border

Crossroads pattern by Pat Sloan

I got “stuck” on this because of the size.  I thought it needed to be “bigger.  Now, I realize it doesn’t. It can be a wall hanging or a table topper. It just needs layered, quilted and bound.

#2 – This is about 50×70 if I remember correctly.

Get to the Point top is finished.

Get to the Point pattern by Pat Sloan

I have it in a nice “roll” – all machine quilted exept the borders.  I love the colors in this piece set on point, makes me thing SPRING on this cold dreary morning. It will make a nice throw when finished.

#3  The Cupcakes….I love this fabric; the blue with the sprinkles; the tiny cupcakes in the cornerstones and inner border, the bigger cupcakes in the 9 patches and big blocks and all the baking items on the border fabric.  Again; folded up in a project box, complete with binding made and the backing fabrick.

Cupcakes anyone?

9 Patch pattern by Pat Sloan – I call it “Cupcakes Anyone”

I was thinking of my grandchildren when I made this, and how fun it would be at a birthday.

Again, I stopped because I could not decide, how to finish.  I think it will make a nice table topper or wall hanging.

Going to put hanging pockets in both of the small square ones, that way they can work either way.

My oldest daughter sparked my inspiration finish some of these projects, because she has some ideas on other “birthday” decor!  (I hate to have so many unfinished/in progress projects hanging around when I want to start something new)  Now, when I take that bus trip in December to the Lancaster area, I have PURPOSE for shopping!  Birthday / celebration banner, spiral decorations and placemats!  YEAH! !!  ! If you have made “party decrations” that are reusable, what did you make? Any tips for longevity?

Our quilt guild has a ‘show and tell’ coming up in one week, and somehow, I don’t think these 3 will make it there. I seem to give away all that I have made, so have nothing to “show”. (Well, maybe two toddler dresses…size 2 is getting close to finished!) The next 2 weekends are all tied up with my husband, so they will be “new sew” days… sad I know.

Taking youngest daughter to the ORTHO doctor today, as she is unable to use the right foot for gas or brake. She had an incident running on Friday, and tho the Emergency room said it was “not broken” she is to see the Ortho today.  It’s not looking too pretty when I saw it yesterday, but her wait staff (I mean husband) was taking good care of her, fetching icebags and drinks of water and such!  I feel blessed to help her out in a small way, because it means I get to hang out for a bit with her…on a SCHOOL day; when she is normally a very busy teacher!

Have a great day of sewing! I am taking my size 2 with me today along with my seam ripper…..(not telling why…just rippin’).



5 thoughts on “Unfinished projects starting to bug me

  1. I have a few unfinisheds laying around. I think I’m nervous to finish them, because with my last two that I actually finished, once I washed them a seam came out, and I’m scared it’ll happen again!!!


  2. Oh Ashley…it does happen. So, you get out the needle and thread and you fix it. I had a tragedy with my 1block wonder and took it completely apart, and did 8 or 10 repairs. My lesson was to stay away from scant 1/4″, give myself FULL 1/4″. And never ever ever give a quilt away that I have not personally washed first. If you are washing in a top loader, it is tricky; because the agitator twist and pulls on your fabric. The secret is to quilt heavily….cross over all the seams of your piecing; quilt closely. It broke my heart when my 1block wonder came apart. It was for my grandchild, and I was SO glad I was there to remedy it. I am going to make another one in February at a retreat. I refuse to let it scare me.!!!


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