Binding Techniques Tutorial List

Blog surfing today and I saw that Maureen Cracknell Handmade asked a question about “favorite” binding techniques.

After I posted my response, I thought…COMPILE a list….so here it is.

My all time favorite binding is here –  I call it “Binding with a Flange”  –

I used this method in JJ’s Memorial Quilt ( )

My favorite “Celeb” does her’s by machine and has a tutorial on her blog –

My favorite “video” comes from Missouri Star – where she not only shows you how, but Jenny  explains joining those pesky ends using “The Binding Tool by TQM products:   — Missouri Star “The Binding Tool Explained” (and a bonus: if you have the TQM Binding tool – there is a great video for another use of that tool….make a table runner! )  Jenny likes to “hand finish” the binding.

Others mentioned on Maureen’s comments were –  – nice tutorial on hand finishing.

So; save this page for a rainy day and check out some methods you may not have tried.  Let me know what works best for you, and who taught you that method.  I always love a good LINK….  🙂


After I wrote this post on 21 Nov, I thought I might add a new one to my list…great instructions and great photo’s.

If you popped in a second time, I hope finding that additional link is helpful in some way to you today.


2 thoughts on “Binding Techniques Tutorial List

    • I would go watch the Missiouri Star Quilt video! She gives such great direction. (She does “hand finish” the binding; so it is stiched to the front of the quilt by machine, then pulled to the back.)
      I then would take a look at Cluck Cluck Sew’s link. Her tutorial has great pictures!
      Decide before you start if you are up for handstitching the back. My hands just can’t take it and I am always in a hurry to finish! It makes a difference which way you approach the binding. I keep a notebook with these kind of tutorials printed out, so I can have the page open in front of me and FOLLOW along. Set your stitch speed to a slower setting. Use your walking foot if you need to. (I like using my 1/4″ foot tho). Once I have one side of my binding machine stitched on, I pull the binding toward the side and iron everything around the edge of the quilt FLAT. You get a really sharp looking binding that way.
      Maureen Cracknell Handmade has a good tip for “containing the binding” by wrapping it around the post of her extension table. I use a cardboard tube (from the foil or plastic wrap) and roll mine and stick a pin right through it.
      I also recommend CLOVER “WONDER” clips. The little ones in red are perfect. Some people use spring hair clips you get on a card at the dollar store. I hate dealing with pins while binding, because I always prick myself! Make yourself a “placemat” and practice a little binding, making the miter corner etc. The tutorial from Cluck Cluck Sew shows the method I learned in class (after doing it goofy for 5 or 6 years). So easy now that I do it that way. Good luck…post a picture…and do a little placemat for practice. (Use up some scraps and have a little fun before you tackle a big quilt~!!~)


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