A non quilting kind of week

I’ve had a non-quilting type of week!  I am trying to get things going so the packages can be mailed to Africa and get there before Christmas.  I managed to get the 3rd Christmas stocking made for baby’s second Christmas.  I was able to get the kids names embroidered on and added to the big kids stockings as well.  I learned a little about machine embroidery on velvet; and I was very successful!  Glad I bought a large quantity of green velvet when we made the first grandchild’s stocking; so even with different types of trim, they all look ‘similar’.  I could not make three the same even having two in front of me to use as a pattern. Heck, I had to rethink the whole process of attaching the trim; getting the lining in neatly etc.

Updated the big kids stockings and made a new one for the youngest!

Updated the big kids stockings and made a new one for the youngest!

I still haven’t figured out how to sucessfully stitch with my Janome 8900 on stretch fabric. Just managed to shove it all down in the hole of the needleplate.  Got a good reminder lesson on how to take the needleplate off to get the mess out!

😦  Someday I will take a class about garment sewing on things other than cotton.   So, given I am only able to stitch nicely on cotton, what is a grandma to do, but make stuff with cotton.  Really; who like polyester anyway, it is hot and yucky.  So, in addition to my stocking project; I was able to “whip up” 3 wonderful surprises for the grandkids.  If you follow me on facebook, you will see the project along with the tutorial. I can ‘t post photo here until “after” the box arrives in Africa!  I want SOMEBODY to be surprised.  (Note to daughter: the fabric is not just to be considered wrapping paper…it has FUNCTION after the fact…..tags and ties can be repurposed or tossed.)

I did have FUN making 3 tags for 3 of the gifts using fabric and the lettering program on my new Janome. Again, a training lesson but FUN!  Spent half the day playing with stabalizer and so forth. Glad I know how to “save” my text in the machine for use another time.
On to sewing a sundress for the 3 year old.  I got the cutest pattern in Houston at the equilt show. The design is from Izzy & Ivy; and the dress is called Macy Giggles.   http://www.izzyandivydesigns.com/?p=35

This pattern is built for a quilter with a rotary cutter!  Only need to use scissors on 2 pieces; and that is the Bodice Front and Back.  I need to first trace the pattern onto paper before I cut, as I want to use this pattern again. It runs from size 2 to size 12; and girls do grow.  Have the main body pieces cut out and now just need to work on the contrasting fabric….tomorrow….

Tonight; I need to work on getting 2 boxes labeled and ready for the post man to pick up tomorrow!

Happy stitching.


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