Delivered and put to use!

How fun to see the “wedding quilt” in the home of the newlyweds!  They said it was the “best wedding gift”….so my heart sings with satisfaction.

quilt delivered

Quilt for Silas and Amanda delivered

Looking forward to the Quilt show this weekend for the Kent-Sussex guilds. The show is held every other year and I have never been.  I joined one of the local guilds this year; and am excited abot the show.  It will be held in our town and I have a couple of jobs during the show!  Tomorrow I will be selling “raffle tickets” for baskets of goodies for an hour; and on Sunday I will be a “white glove lady” while visitors view the quilts. I worked with my “bee” today and hung 10 or 12 quilts. Glad I had my step stool in the car.  I will leave it in the car until time to take the quilts down on Sunday evening.  I had a few minutes to look around before I left and  I saw one quilt that I had seen previously at another show that I just loved….

My favorite fun quilters quilt!

My favorite fun quilters quilt!

I will look forward to spending some time enjoying all the quilts this weekend.  Two of the quilts I hung were for sale; and I can’t wait to take pictures to share …..

Show information – SPLASH OF COLOR – Saturday 10-5; Sunday 12-5; admission $6; location; Cheer Center- Sandtown Road & DE Rt 9, Georgetown Delaware


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