Rich beyond words

I was reading a blog today “ ” and in my response to his post, I spent a few minutes counting my blessings!   I think about all of those people in our life that influence us, and who loved us and are no longer here with us. 

My first husband was hospitalized two weeks before he died, and his greatest worry was that we would be ok financially.  I remember leaving the hospital; driving over to our insurance agent, getting a print out, and bringing it back to show him in the hospital!  The reality; we were going to be just fine, due to our careful planning years and years ago.  Besides, I had a job that gave me a good income, with a retirement plan etc.  And, when he passed away; I was just fine financially.  I was broken hearted, but the bills were never a worry after that.  Nine months later, my father also died.  And, again; my heart was terribly broken.  

Cowboy lawyer’s post made me think a lot about those two men in my life that were so important to me.  My first husband who retired once from the military; working so hard at a second job to ensure the kids went to college.  He was a man who liked to have fun, and liked to spend every penny he had on the kids and toys. (Again; thank goodness for that insurance plan!).  He lived for the day; he took his coworkers out to lunch nearly every day, helped single mom’s get more hours at work so they could qualify for company benefits; educated the ones who needed it on the company 401k and how to secure their future.  To this day; those women thank me when they see me. He helped one single mom get a promotion to a department manager position; just lining her up in daily duties so when the time came, she was qualified and eligible.  I remember him giving Christmas gifts to all the kids who had absent daddies in their life. 

He was the best daddy my kids could ever dream of having.  I so wish he could have lived to be a grandpa.  My daddy was a grandpa…the best.  The grandkids who lived around him just loved him. My kids didn’t really know him, because we lived on the opposite coast. Our visits were few and far between.  I remember though when they were little and we lived nearby, he would be down on the floor playing with them and tickling the babies with their beards. My daddy was a man who would help his son with projects; climb up on ladders and hammer away at shingles on a roof at 75. He was a fisherman too.  He loved to be out on the boat with my brother, hanging out and fishing. I wish he wasn’t 3000 miles away when my first husband bought a boat. I know they would have had many hours together, tinkering on the motor; fishing in the bay. 

Life goes on, and the lessons I learned years ago; was today is here, make the most of it.  Pray for the family; pray for the healing; and love those who are left.  Tomorrow is a maybe…go out today; and live! Live like there is no tomorrow…(but plan for the future anyway!).   

I am rich beyond words, because I have had a second chance.   My second husband, who I’ve been married to for nearly 7 years makes me remember everyday that life is meant to be lived!  He is the reason I quilt.  He was the instrument in my hobby ; the giver of a sewing machine; the giver of his time; and the giver of the fun we have!  My second husband is Grandpa to our 3 grandchildren.  He often worries about not knowing “how” to be a grandpa.  I don’t, because I know, all he needs to do is love the grandkids, and that is what he does!   So; as the two of us go about our daily lives; we remember those who we love that are so very far away; and those that have made the long trip to heaven ahead of us.  We remember the lessons they taught; like my daddy – fold your money in half and put it in your pocket; and my first husband – give and have fun; and my dear aunt – travel and eat dessert first; and my mother who gave so many hours as a volunteer. 

Go share your talents and love and eat some dessert!




5 thoughts on “Rich beyond words

  1. What a wonderful post. My husband is out golfing today and I’ve been enjoying my chores, embroidery and now I’ll be back to the sewing machine to put a border on. Life is good and the memories of our loved ones who are gone but not forgotten keep us warm inside. I love that saying … be the kind of woman that when your feed hit the floor each morning the devil says oh crap she’s up.


    • Thanks Judy….I intend to start every day with a cup of coffee and a list of things to do; and scare the devil on the way! I figure every day you wake up on the green side of the grass is another opportunity to go have some fun, do something useful and make somebody laugh a little! 🙂 Enjoy your crafting time. I spent the last couple of hours with some ladies from my quilt guild chattering over lunch. It was fun. Now, I am off to the sewing room for an hour or so, trying to fix a few of those boo-boo’s on my t’shirts I embroidered. Somehow I managed to snip a hole when I was removing the stabalizer on two shirts. 😦


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