The final steps of a wedding quilt


The beginning of the end of the project



Rolled my binding up on a cardboard tube to keep the excess off the floor and out from under my chair wheels. A bit of blue painters tape holds the tail to the cardboard tube.


a queen sized quilt is a whole lotta bulk with my little machine. So glad I have a desk with a left side extension to carry some of the weight. I have to use a table as well.

putting on the binding

around the corner. The red clips are tighter! The green slide around a bit on the narrow binding.


love the clips…so nice to not deal with pins

label made by

the final step for this quilt…stitching on the labels.


Made by me label…

In honor of Amanda and Silas

In honor of Amanda and Silas….took this before I trimmed all the connector threads. All cleaned up in the final version.


All that is left to do is handstitch the labels.  Put the one that says made by me on the bottom corner.

The one with the bride & groom’s name is in a top corner.

Will do some hand stitching, then treat myself to some photo’s outside in the sunshine. Plan to take it to “show and tell” at quilt guild next Monday; then pop it in the mail!

Already thinking about the next project…..happy stitching.


2 thoughts on “The final steps of a wedding quilt

    • Thanks. I did both labels on the embroidery machine. I downloaded the rings & ribbons & doves from embroidery designs . com. I used fusable interfacing for the stabalizer. It took me several attempts, as I was making a mess of it. I did each line as a seperate entry on the machine; then adjusted the spacing.

      The clips I bought on line. They are both CLOVER brand. You can get them from Amazon for a decent price. I only have about 10 red and 25 of the green. You can get a big package of the red for (50 clips) $17.65. Most of your quilt shops online carry the clover products. I like the big green ones for my fumbly fingers, but the red holds tighter.


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