Quilts for Colorado

Sharing a post from Bonnie Hunter – Quiltville.com


Look around your sewing room and see if there is a UFO that can be quickly finished and sent.

I don’t know if there are rules about tying the quilt or if it needs to be machine quilted, but I am guessing anything you could do would be appreciated.  While I wait for my border patterns to arrive for my current project, I think I will dig out two UFO’s I started several years ago and get them layered and ready to go!



3 thoughts on “Quilts for Colorado

    • Hi Judy….sometimes I feel like I need to do “SOMETHING”, but wonder what can one person do that makes a difference. I think this is one of those “somethings” that I can manage. Any kind of quilt top, scrappy; big squares; easy simple stuff is “something” that will be well received. I read they will take them as tops only; or you can finish by tying or quilting; any size. I felt the same “call to do something” after hurricane Sandy; and hope my 20 wonky squares I shipped off were put to use. You never know the reach of these things.


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