Singer Touchtronic 2000 and a pin basted quilt

Several months ago I acquired a Singer Touchtronic 2000 sewing machine (VINTAGE – 1977) ; spent $100 to get it cleaned and in working order.  I played with it a bit to see how it stitched; and it sewed very nicely.  I used it to make a sundress for one of my granddaughters.    It stitched beautifully!  I only had one bobbin; so got a package of 20 “vintage” bobbins on Ebay.  They arrived yesterday and I sat down to “fill some bobbins”.  I wanted to have 5 or 6 full bobbins before I start to machine quilt my “wedding quilt”.  ( I had decided to use this machine, because it is very heavy duty and has a bigger throat than my modern sewing machine).

singer touchtronic

This machine has a “self winding” bobbin; theoretically you flip a switch in the bobbin case and lower the pressure foot, and the bobbin winds from the thread spool, through the needle; without you having to take the bobbin out.  WELL….theoretically; I am not a fan!  My dear hubby spent two hours last night fiddling and fussing with the bobbin case; and somehow managed to get 4 or 5 bobbins wound.  I had fiddled with it and was absolutely unable to wind any bobbins. (Note, the first day I used it, I did wind the bobbin after a few tries!)  We spent lots of time on-line researching all the tech info on this machine, and DH thinks it needs a new bobbin case.  I figure he has the skill to make it work, but I have no patience with the fiddling.  My limit is $50 more on parts, and if that doesn’t fix it….it may go the way of the RECYCLER…at least I could recoup $3-4 in the weight of the metal!    I tried to do a little stitching with it today, and now the bottom tension is all goofed up.  I guess he will have to fix it too when he changes out the bobbin case!


Now; it is time to make room on the sewing table and get busy quilting.  I want to finish the  little sundress for my granddaughter first.  I think I will have to use the modern machine  finish the dress and do the quilting.

I have my quilt top all pin basted and ready to quilt.  I ordered Warm & White Cotton Batting and a beautiful flannel from As soon as it arrived, the flannel went into a warm wash & dry!   It washed up beautifully!!  I got the 110″ wide flannel so I would not have to do ANY piecing!

dusty light blue flannel

I think the flowers are very subtle!  I love it! I picked blue because the pieced top has so much green; and they asked for a green and blue quilt.

It will take me quite a while to do the quilting, but I have a plan to work some everyday, until I get it finished.  Time to break out the gloves, the walking foot and some clips to keep it all under control!  I am  a lousy free motion quilter, so will be doing straightline quilting, stitch in the ditch, outlining etc.  (Some day I will learn to FMQ, but not this week!)

My quilty friends at church; Mary Lu and Karolyn were kind enough to help me get the quilt layered up and pinned basted.  We used 4 banquet tables to get it spread out and layered!  So glad they were both available to help me.

Note….buy MORE big curved safety pins….those little ones wear out the fingertips!


7 thoughts on “Singer Touchtronic 2000 and a pin basted quilt

    • Thanks for stopping in to read my blog. I do hope the old machine can be made ready to sew. It will be one of those projects that he will eventually “get round to” doing, but I do have a modern machine(circa 2007) to use. My modern machine is a Brother 6000i; and it has all kinds of stitches; but it has moments where they don’t work properly, so I am pretty limited to straight and zig zag too. I liked this old one though for the wide throat and heavy duty aspect which might have been handy for machine quilting. Since it was an “acquired” item, we didn’t seek it out or buy it, I don’t want to invest too much in the repairs. I’d rather save my money for a super-dooper new machine!


  1. I had the same problem until I discovered that the bobbin latch has two positions: one to maintain the bobbin in place and one (by moving toward right) to fill the bobbin.
    On my old 1977 singer I can easily fill bobbins.

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