Web shopping for fabric

Last summer I had the opportunity to go to the Lancaster County area of Pennsylvania and do a little “fabric shopping”.  My sister in law & I went all over the county, buying lovely pieces to add to our stash.  One stop was in Intercourse Pennsylvania at the Old Country Store Fabrics. It was great fun. In fact, the following month I took a group of quilters from church there.  They have a great website –    http://www.oldcountrystorefabrics.com/  where you can order online.

I did some web-shopping on Friday morning; and what was on the front porch before noon on Saturday — my fabric !  WOW; I must say that was pretty darned impressive.  Ok, they are in the same “region” for postal service…but WOW….that package must have been delivered or picked up before the close of business, the same day I ordered.  It was nicely cut, folded and packaged, and I would order from them again.

Want to see what I got?   I bought on a whim, not sure what I will do with it; got an EXCELLANT price on their sale.  Paying for shipping was worth the speedy service too.  (Oh, still waiting for other fabric to arrive from a MAJOR online fabric store, one of those with FREE shipping……it is going to be another couple of days and I ordered the day before.  😦 )

Anyway; here is the fun stuff…..



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