Can’t believe I did it again………….

Seems to be a pattern with me this summer…..

I’ve been going great with my wedding quilt……

you remember the block; with 53 pieces


I only need to make 30 of these…..

and I did!


I worked on these two rows, with the help of a five year old, putting posts on the sashing.


And, they were out all afternoon one day, so I got real busy and got the rest of the sashing and posts going.


and then came Friday…I started to put the squares into rows and the rows together.

Going like gang busters I was sewing and sewing…


and I got all those rows together…..and started to think about sashing.  For me, well….I am always thinking 2 steps ahead, especially when I am getting so close to a finish.

I even took a “road trip” Friday evening and picked up MORE fabric! (Absolutely can not buy fabric in my little town, so unless you shop on line, you have to head on down the highway).

I had decided what I wanted to do with the borders….finally….

and so, yesterday the gold border (1″) went on, and today the green border with the blue cornerstones went on.  Overall the quilt is 88 x 102; a bit oversized, but queen size.

And now, I wait for that internet shopping package to arrive….UPS delivery due on Wednesday….oh thank you Fabric . Com for the free shipping….my batting and wide backing is coming…..

but meanwhile…do you see what I did…???   I didn’t until I started uploading photo’s…..

quilt top done 1

quilt top done 2

Do you see it??????   Go ahead….click it and make it bigger…..

…I can not believe I can stare at these blocks hanging on the design wall; running the the machine and miss a section that is reversed…..

Out comes the seam ripper…   (Before I rip out the block, I will take a close up and after I fix it, I will show you the before and after…..come on, see if you can spot the mistake….)

(and this by no means reflects poorly on the pattern designer, Bonnie Hunter of….whom I thank sincerely for her generosity sharing her patterns.  This pattern, by the way comes from her blog )

12 thoughts on “Can’t believe I did it again………….

  1. Because of the angle of the photo I’m not positive, but are some of the colors of the small squares in the corner in the wrong place. (I’m using really technical language here.) In the right place, in the wrong place, I know you ‘have’ to fix it, but it is gorgeous.


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