Super hero cape !

Seems I promised a little boy a cape a while back, about the time he got a batman mask for his birthday if memory serves me right.  So, earlier in the month I found some great fabric and had fun last Friday creating a magical cape.    I did a little web surfing and found a pattern that I liked at

Then, as I usually do, I invented my own variation.  I used my super dooper embroidery machine and put the requested initials on the back. As soon as I had the big one finished, the little one was requested in “princess fabric”.  Didn’t have a big piece of “princess fabric” in my stash, but had a bit in my scrap bin.   I had to do a little piecing to get enough from scraps, but it turned out nicely as well.  When you are 3 and 5 a cape is a whole lot of fun!  They certainly were fun to make!

cape backswpid-2013-08-23_16-38-27_421.jpg

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