wedding quilt progress

Just a bit of sewing going on here this summer.  I have made considerable progress on the wedding quilt I started in June.  My daughter and her family are here for the summer, and I would rather play with the little ones than spend all my free time sewing.  By the time the little ones are in bed, this grandma is a little too worn out to think about sewing.  What little I have gotten done has been on days when they are out visiting!

So, here are the pics:  started with four patches; then added a sashing on two sides with a post~


Below is the beginning of the star points.  Had to make 120 left and 120 right pieces.


And here is the first block. One down; 29 to go!


Then there were six…..


and before long there were 25 blocks.

I got so excited with the progress that the first week of August I started thinking about the sashing for between the blocks.  I pinned two different fabrics up to get a feel for the colors. (In all, I bought 5 different greens; 3 yards each!!) I started with batiks, but they didn’t make the final cut!


This was the final choice….I won’t bore you with the other 4….especially since I have already cut and sewn!


and now; I just have the very top row to get the sashing finished on; then it will be time to connect these blocks into rows; and eventually into a quilt.  At the rate I am progressing, I might have it done before the newlyweds have their 1st anniversary!


Thanks to Bonnie Hunter – for the pattern – Jared takes a wife.  ( )

Bonnie has great patterns on her blog for free and is a lot of fun to follow!


11 thoughts on “wedding quilt progress

    • The recipients chose blue and green; and I had lots of blue scraps, but had to acquire the green. I got lucky at our quilt guild meeting in June and picked up a whole bag full of fat quarters for about $35. Only used a fraction of them, so the rest will end up in the stash. I love Bonnie Hunter’s patterns. This was easy to break down into manageable steps. Thanks for stopping in.


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