Houston – Int’l Quilt Festival, etc.

Well…not a picture to post, not much progress on the wedding quilt. I have a “houseful” of tiny folks, and can’t tear myself away to go sew. I’m having fun in the kitchen with my daughter, and reading stories and finding coloring books to use, and playing with remote control cars etc.  After they are in bed, I am usually “done” for the day! But we are having lots of fun this summer, and the wedding quilt will get finished in the fall!  (Think I will put a snippet of fabric in the wedding card!)

I have sewn a little…… made a “tutu” for my granddaughter, and a pillowcase dress. She used fabric markers and did the art work, and I did what I could with the sewing machine.  Played around with an old tank top I had done some fabric “stamping” on during Vacation Bible School, and turned it into a totebag for her as well.  So, all creative work has not stopped. I’ve been to a quilt guild function once this week, and have another tomorrow, so I do think I will be motivated to get “back to normal” a little bit in the coming weeks.  Played around a little with the embroidery machine and put a name on a jacket for my friends daughter too….so I haven’t totally abandoned the sewing room.

Meanwhile…the title of the post….I am going to Houston in October for the International Quilt Festival!  My sister in law on the west coast talked me into going, and we are flying in on Sunday, the 27th  and staying the entire week.

Today I settled down and figured out a nice array of classes to take during the week, and left a little time to see the Quilt show.  Honestly, the brochure has over 50 pages of classes being presented.  When I started looking online at the schedule and description, I was leaning towards long arm beginning classes.  Somehow, with all the choices, I think I ended up with only an INTRO class for a really newbie/wanna-be.  Picking and chosing and trying to fit in classes without overlapping was quite challenging to say the least.  When all is said and done, I seem to have put myself into classes that focus on the “final stage” of the quilt – the borders and the bindings. I did find a “beginner” applique class too.

All in all, between booking the hotel, flights, and working through the classes, it has been a busy couple of days.  Now, to go through the materials list, and go out to the sewing room to see what is already available in the stash!  Fun times ahead, that is for sure.  One thing I did not do was schedule any of the tours to quilt shops, figuring I will have lots and lots to shop for during the show, and to focus on classes!

The question is: Have you ever been?  Do you have any great advice for logistics and things to bring?   Are you going??   Where are you staying? What classes are you taking?

And – if you are not going – have you ever thought about going?  If not this year, or in Houston, maybe one of the other venues.  Here is a link to the show.  You can browse the schedule on line or download a pdf file.  http://www.quilts.com/home/shows/viewer.php?page=../../fqf13/catalogue    I do think it will be a fun week!

Back to summer….will be popping in and reading blogs when I can, but for tonight, happy stitching what ever and where ever!


8 thoughts on “Houston – Int’l Quilt Festival, etc.

  1. I live in Houston and go every year. Best advice I can give you is to limit the classes. You will be overcome with the ten football fields worth of vendors and all the quilts. It takes about 1 1/2 days, really more than 2, just to see the vendors. Over 600 quilts and exhibits as well. Super comfortable shoes!


    • Thanks for the advice Karen. We are probably “over scheduled” but have set aside some time each day to go through the show, as well as the “preview” night. Will definately bring the comfy shoes!!


  2. Sounds like a fun week planned in Houston. Unfortunately, I have not been able to attend, but I sure would love to. Should I go, I’d like to take some classes on new techniques that I haven’t tried yet. Maybe an art quilt technique. The creativity of quilters who do art quilts has always fascinated me. Fortunately for me, we have an annual quilt festival that I can attend to sooth the ‘itch’.


    • I agree, the art quilts are in a dimension all of their own, and amaze me with their beauty! We have our local guild show the week prior, and I get committed to do some work there, so this week in Houston will be “all fun”.


  3. I think the first a quilter goes, they load up on classes because all the Big Name quilters are there. That’s what I did, too, so I totally understand the scheduling. And I don’t regret it a bit–some of what I learned in those classes has affected my quilting forever and I’m glad I had the chance to learn from the Big Names.

    But Karen (above) is right–you’ll wish you had more free time for seeing the floor and exploring all the booths. So that’s why a quilter should go a second year sometime! My only other advice is take chocolate–you’ll want snacks when you get home at night, and it’s fun to have a little stash of goodies to snack on.

    I’m so jealous. I got my catalogue and just drooled over everything. Have a wonderful time!


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