Yellow rose


My husband used to do stained glass, and has made numerous stepping stones, and some other bigger things, like a window for a door, and a transom window. This stepping stone had been a gift, and was made by his now deceased ex-wife, for her mom. It was damaged out in the garden. When we were clearing out the house, helping her parents, we came across it, in a bag, with all the broken bits. It seems that it was returned for repair. How sad her mom was to find it still unfinished.

All the stain glass equipment had been loaned to the ex years ago, and my husband retrieved it during the clean-out. He decided he would try to fix the stepping stone, so it came home. He has been putting the little bits, like a jigsaw puzzle, back together over the last couple of months. He often would walk by it on a table in the garage and move a piece or two around. He has finally got enough together that he thinks he can repair the stone. So, dear mother-in-law who will be 80 next week may have a birthday surprise. Need a few supplies and some time to fire up the glass grinder….and some epoxy to secure it all back together. Pictures when finished….Hope the old gal won’t be in her 90’s before hubby gets it done. He does seem motivated. Nice to have those family members still love you beyond the divorce. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Yellow rose

  1. Lovely and what a nice gesture for your husband to fix it. I took some classes years ago but have forgotten everything I learned. What I haven’t forgotten is the beauty of putting the glass together to finish a project that can be enjoyed for years.


    • I think it will be fun for him to get back into the hobby. A little bit more creative than his usual tinkering with cars and model trains. Besides…he set up a worktable in the upstairs of our garage, so he will be within earshot of my sewing area!


    • I look forward to seeing the finish too. I did a little work at a shop on our church windows years ago, but could not keep up with the schedule. I think that I will have to play along with him on this project.


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