Four patches and pockets

A little while ago, I sent my memorial quilt away to the recipient. The word I received from the mother was “I got the quilt. Its so beautiful it made me cry I love it. Its the best gift I’ve received since everything happened thank you so much” Then the lady who asked me to make it said “I cried when I read her words because I know that she has been given lots of stuff to include money! What an amazing gift“.  So, the effort was worth the results.  Maybe the quilt will help with the healing.  I hope so.

Now, time to work on another quilt!  So, here is the beginning of my next project – I am making a quilt for a wedding gift . Now, that is a pretty ambitious project, especially when I found out a Queen size was needed.     (Initially I thought to myself “WHAT ARE YOU THINKING????)
The wedding is the end of July, and the groom said blue & greens would be good colors. (He is a Captain in the USAF so I had to throw some suitable fabric into this quilt, leftovers from the memorial quilt.)

I saved dozens of quilt patterns from some of my favorite designers that offer them for free download, so I got busy and searched my folders and found just the right thing. The pattern I am using is called JARED TAKES A WIFE, by Bonnie Hunter. It is available for free on her blog –

Bonnie is a “scrappy” quilter, so with that in mind, I dug out my scraps.  I definately didn’t have enough “scraps” but I had some.  I did have to slice into “new” fabric from the stash.  I picked up a bunch of “scraps” and larger pieces at the Ocean Waves Quilt Guild meeting the first week of June. I took all the green fabric they had on the white elephant table.  It was fun to have some “never seen before” fabrics.

As I dug into Bonnie Hunter’s pattern, I started making lists of what I needed for the first step.  To start,  I needed to make 120 4 patches.  I planned 60 with green and 60 with blue.  The 4 patches are made from 2″ squares, and the finished block with the 3rd color square and sashing with posts is 5″.  At this point the block has 7 pieces.  The final block will total about 53 pieces if I counted right!  Each of the blocks will have these 5″ squares “surrounding” a star.  I’ve finished making all of the 5″ blocks now, so it will be on to the star points next!  I have to think about my next step a bit. It is a lot of cutting.

Pictures below give you an idea of my “organizing” as I am sewing and pressing and grouping the 4 patches and the posts and sashes.

Work in progress
finished blue 5" squares

I took a little break from sewing 4 patches and posts and did a bit of embroidery work.  I have a friend, Sheila, whom I met when I was in the Air Force in 1975.  She and I have stayed in touch through all my moves around the US and overseas.  We got to see each other “face to face” in the mid 1980’s, when we lived in neighboring states.  We each had two daughters, and they are the same ages.  When she became a grandma, I was delighted for her.  We each have 3 grandchildren.  Two of her grandsons are going to get “tooth fairy” pillows, but she wanted something that did not look “girly”.  She saw the embroidery I did for another friend earlier in the month, and asked me to embroider on blue jeans pockets.  So, on Monday I received two pockets in the mail, and yesterday, sent her back to pockets.  They turned out cute, and I learned a little bit about working on denim in the process.

pockets for boys

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