Time for Embroidery

Last week I took some time with my embroidery machine. I made some bookmarks. One for a niece doing her confirmation, and 8 for my helpers on the Senior Quilt Project. I also had a friend inquire about a “tooth” design. She was making a tooth fairy pillow for the grandkids. So, with my other deadlines met, I spent Wednesday through Saturday playing around with the embroidery machine.

I have downloaded some awesome embroidery designs in the last couple of weeks, most free. I did “buy” the tooth, but my friend split the cost with me. If you have an embroidery machine, check out http://www.embroiderydesigns.com/ You can download 3 designs for free each week. When I bought the “tooth” design (my friend picked this one); I was able to download two more for free. I bought a couple of other designs over the weekend, spent about $24; and ended up with 20 designs total. One of the companies they market was have a “sale” buy one, get two free! What a deal.

Enjoy the pictures! Note; click on the first photo and it will open larger in a gallery viewer…just click through to the next photo.


4 thoughts on “Time for Embroidery

    • I won this machine from Brother-Sews, through facebook. Was shocked to find out I won. I have only done a few things with it, but hope to find time to do more. I have been making a nice collection of designs from places that give them away for free; and organizing them by categories so I can find them quickly. Seems to work well. Baptismal banner for one of the grandkids will be a project I will use some of the designs on. The only thing I don’t like about this machine is the size limits 4″x4″ in the hoop.


      • WOW, Congrats on you win! That’s wonderful ~ Yes, I can see how you would be limited, although, I don’t have an embroidery machine so I wouldn’t know size. Have a great Sunday!


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