A week off…sort of….

I didn’t do much sewing last week…I was busy with other things. I will post tomorrow about what I did manage to get “stitched” between Wednesday and Sunday!
After getting my memorial quilt mailed, I was ready to clean up the sewing room and do other things for a few days.

Last Tuesday was the last workshop day for my little group of quilters. So, on Tuesday, 3 of us got together and laid out all of our quilts on the church pews to have a good look at them all together. It was really fun to see the different patterns people had done given a packet of 8 1/2 inch squares.

The primary colors were for the boys…many of whom were boy scouts, and 2 who were active in FFA. The pinks, teals and purples were for the girls. Scattered on these quilts were hedgehogs and musical instruments and piano keys and Snoopy, and wonderful peacock feathers, gold crosses and flowers, boy scout fabric and tractors.

We had 8 people work in various ways on our Senior quilt project. Myself and one other lady cut 1120 squares for the quilts. We hand out a ziplock bag full of squares, selected specifically for each student. A total of 14 quilts were made and presented. It was a very big year for our congregations and the graduates.

Our presentation to our graduates was on June 2nd. We have a special presentation during the church service, where the family gathers with the graduate, and the congregation prays with the family for the continuing success of the student. The quilts have a photo of the church, a special Bible verse chosen for each graduate, and most important, message of faith and encouragement and congratulations by members of the congregation.

I have coordinated for 5 years, and find it to be a wonderful ministry. Lots of pictures to look at, enjoy!
No pictures of the graduates, because I do not have their permission.


5 thoughts on “A week off…sort of….

  1. What a beautiful collection of quilts. I love the different ways they were assembled. And, I certainly think you used the right word for this project – ministry. I’m sure the students and their families are sincerely appreciative of this generous gift.


    • It was fun to do something different this year for assembling the quiltops. I’ve personnally been collecting different ways to make 8 1/2″ blocks for next year! I will have more time to work on the one I do, since I won’t be in charge of the whole production! Passed that on to someone else. I do think that most of the students and families appreciate the gift. I won’t coordinate again because of a couple parents and their miserable attitudes, but I will keep on sewing!


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