Washed and crinkled

Do you wash your quilts before ‘giving them away’ ? Do you PREWASH your fabric before cutting?

I did not used to….but after my experience last summer with a very complicated quilt and the resulting reworking of it, I will never take a chance again! I want my quilts to be USED! And using them means they will get washed. Not always the way I would wash them, so I want to make sure no color runs, and that it shrinks up and crinkles up the way I expect it too.

There was a lot of blue and red bleeding of my quilt for JJ, and thankfully I used a color catcher (BOUNCE product) when it washed. I ran it through a warm wash and was worried that it might bleed again, so I washed it on warm AGAIN with a 2nd color catcher. This time not much color on the catcher, and so I tossed it in the dryer and “let it go”.

Washed a crinkled

Washed a crinkled

I love how it looks and felt when I took it out of the dryer….warm and ready to snuggle!

5 thoughts on “Washed and crinkled

  1. I have never washed my fabrics before I’ve made a quilt. I let the receiptant wash it when they are ready. I’ve never had any problems with running of the fabric, but I only use quilt shop quality fabric. If I use JoAnn’s, WalMart, or Hancocks, I usually wash the fabric first. I hardly ever buy from JoAnn’s, Hancocks, or WalMart. Your quilt looks great! I’m sure he will love it!


    • This was a variety of fabric, several pieces from local quilt shop (aka $12…yard….)(choke); some Riley Blake fabrics from Fabrics.com and some Dan Morris designs for RJR…bought though Ebay as fat quarters. The one fabric that worried me was the solid red, but it was a kona Cotten from Hancocks….. It all turned out ok after washing…thanks to the color catcher. I’ve started washing anything I use for kids clothing or aprons or the like. I had a disaster last summer with a quilt that I had paid $12 a yard at my quilt shop. It was nice stuff, but …….


  2. I almost never pre-wash, though I do still hear that reds and some dark purples should be washed just in case. I know I’d be devastated if something ever ran, so I probably should do it, but I really hate having to press the fabric afterward. (Lazy.)

    I always wash before giving things away, though – I’m always paranoid it’ll fall apart in the wash or a seam will break or something. It’s never happened, but if it ever does, I want it to happen before it goes into someone else’s hands. Also, I just think the crinkles are part of the look, so they should see it that way right off the bat.


    • The crinkles are pretty cool…and they “hide” the odd “imperfection” too….Our group at church presented 14 quilts today; and I handed out washing instructions with “color catchers” in a ziplock!
      I feel the same way about the paranoia, as my granddaughters quilt pulled in strange ways in the washer…not sure why but I “rebuilt” that quilt top.! 😦


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