A finished project – Quilt for JJ – The Boxer

pic one on fence finished

pix seven back of quilt

(If you click on the photo of the back of the quilt and zoom in a bit, you can see some of the quilting detail)

Finished quilt for JJ

Finished quilt for JJ

Here is the finished project – a memorial quilt for JJ King, in honor of his father, Senior Airman J. King who was killed in the line of duty in February 2013 at Andrews AFB Maryland.
What else can I say, but I am thrilled to have worked on this quilt, and delighted that I completed it today, Memorial Day.

After taking the photo’s I drummed up the courage to bring it in the house, toss in the front loader with a color catcher and set the temperature to WARM. I ran it through the washer twice because that first color catcher was PURPLE when I took it out. The second time the color catcher was lightly tinged with blue and red, so I feel comfortable about the colors staying fast. It is in the dryer tonight, and I look forward to seeing how it crunches up into the stitching. I did prewash my flannel and the solid blue had been prewashed. I was a little nervous about those reds and blues; and am hoping the cream in this quilt resembles it’s proper color when it comes out of the dryer. Cross your fingers!!

You’ve read the back story over the course of the last two months. I am looking forward to sharing it tomorrow with my sewing friends at church, and then sending off in the mail on Wednesday morning.

Special thanks to Susan for asking me to make this quilt.
Special note: the pattern is called The Boxer, designed by Jeni Baker for Aurifil as the March 2013 Block of the Month, hosted by Pat Sloan.

4 thoughts on “A finished project – Quilt for JJ – The Boxer

    • Thanks….I’ve been trying to decide what is next. I have a couple of thank you gifts to make BEFORE Sunday…..but they should go together quickly! Think more bookmarks as I have a bit of a list of people for our Senior Quilt project.


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